Twitter under attack

More than 250,000 users on Twitter became victims of the most recent hacker stunt – their passwords, usernames, emails and other data have been stolen, says Twitter security director Bob Lord. Where you one of those users? They say that evtwitter dangereryone who got affected received official emails informing them about the theft, and to be honest, I was lucky enough to avoid being hacked.

Actually, the changes of having been hacked weren’t that high – there are more than 200 million Twitter users worldwide, and “only” 250,000 of them got hacked. According to Mr Lord, this hack wasn’t “the work of amateurs” and the overall style of the attack was similar to the ones that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have suffered recently. Admittedly, both of the newspapers reported having been attacked by hackers based in China. Continue reading


Facebook + Yahoo! = ?

Do you use Yahoo! often? To be honest, the last time I was a Yahoo! addict was back in 2003, which was… 9 years ago? Either way, Yahoo! is still a very important player in the field, and it seems like it’s going to drive a wedge into its relationship with Microsoft, because Facebook and Yahoo! have been reported to be in the middle of talks on how the “two companies can work more closely together“.

Actually, Yahoo! and Facebook already overlap in various matters. For example, Yahoo! news is shared on Facebook, and the current talks are expected to give desirable results in forging a collaboration on web-based search. Both companies have things to gain from this collaboration. For one, Facebook could use a search engine that would allow its users to navigate the site better, especially as Facebook has the resources that can offer answers to most of the questions people might have. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and this massive amount of account would benefit Yahoo! as well, considering that recently it’s been dwarfed by Google.

This possible alliance could cause a shift in the hierarchy of the “world’s biggest technology companies”. What is more, it may signify the rift in a 10-year deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft, that undermined a condition that Yahoo! search results would be powered by Bing, but the idea didn’t prove to be successful. With the new alliance just around the corner, we will see what it brings to an average computer user pretty soon.

Forever Alone? Not anymore

Facebook users in the United States will no longer have to worry about being ignored by their friends and their mom. That is, if they have some cash. Facebook now offers a paid function that shoves your posts into the Promoted posts section. Pretty neat huh? Considering you no longer need to wreck your brain, trying to figure out how to make your posts more interesting. However, I suddenly wonder whether it’s fair from the perspective of those users that will be forced to see all them promoted websites.

This new Promoted Posts section was first tried out in New Zealand. The personal promoted posts function works the same as Promoted Posts for business. Basically, if you pay Facebook to promote your post (whatever that might be – a status update, a photo or an invitation), it will be placed higher in your friends news feed disregarding the date it was posted, so your friends will notice it easier. Whether they will be annoyed by this or not, that is a totally different question. Continue reading