You might wonder why I am doing a piece of, when there’s already an article on down below. Well, yeah, you’ve got me. These two search engines are practically one and the same, but you know, it wouldn’t hurt just to be sure. So what is Well, a search engine, and most probably a browser hijacker. Which is obvious. Now, if you have this bugger on your browser, then it is quite clear that you need to remove ASAP. I wouldn’t want to have it. No sir.iStartSurf

But wait! Someone might say. Why the hell not? It looks nice and sophisticated and for all we know it might work just fine. Well, to be honest, the same can be applied to all the other browser hijackers out there from the same family. looks nice. Yes. provides you with shortcuts to Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, eBay and other popular websites. Yes. Also true. But it also collects info on what sites you visit and it displays commercial ads. Although commercials are an inescapable part of our lives, these are the types of ads you might want to avoid. After all, is not an application we can trust. Continue reading


You know these sites that aren’t exactly super bad, but then again there’s something about them, that makes you shake your head? Well, is one of these sites. I see a lot of security websites classifying it as browser hijacker so let’s go with it. This website is similar to Qvo6 Virus and other so-called hijackers that cMajorBrowsershange your home page address, your default search engine and what not. Basically, if you want to remove or whatever came with it, you need to restore your browser settings and then run a full system scan with a good scanner to check for other infections.

Now, why am I talking about other infections? The thing is that quite often and similar sites appear on your browser after you download random freeware applications from third party websites. Why? Because freeware apps are often bundled with additional software, that might as well be spyware or even malware. So beware and look closely at what you’re downloading/installing. Continue reading

MIXI.DJ Toolbar

I sometimes wonder. Are really toolbars that useful? I don’t even use that additional search bar I have on my Firefox browser, let alone utilize any toolbar, even though I spend more than half of my day on the Internet. So, I still find it odd how people download and install things like MIXI.DJ Toolbar. Sure, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, and you can easily get a hold of the toolbar at The official stance is that the toolbar is supposed to “improve your Internet browsing experience”. The be more precise – MIXI.DJ Toolbar is out to provide a direct access to your favorite YouTube videos and media players related to them. To tailor video search to your liking, the toolbar has to employ cookies to collect various information about your browsing habits.mixi dj

To be honest, I have enough cookies on my browsers already, to keep up with the number of passwords and logins I have (yeah, I know, it’s not that secure), but having yet another toolbar for something I seldom do? I don’t know about it. I mean, MIXI.DJ Toolbar is published by Conduit Ltd. and this program has already created a bunch of other browser extensions like 2YourFace, Widgi Toolbar and it’s even related to Incredibar! Now how do I know that? Well, that’s because when you install the default version of MIXI.DJ Toolbar, your home page is changed to Plain obvious, isn’t it? Continue reading

Facebook + Yahoo! = ?

Do you use Yahoo! often? To be honest, the last time I was a Yahoo! addict was back in 2003, which was… 9 years ago? Either way, Yahoo! is still a very important player in the field, and it seems like it’s going to drive a wedge into its relationship with Microsoft, because Facebook and Yahoo! have been reported to be in the middle of talks on how the “two companies can work more closely together“.

Actually, Yahoo! and Facebook already overlap in various matters. For example, Yahoo! news is shared on Facebook, and the current talks are expected to give desirable results in forging a collaboration on web-based search. Both companies have things to gain from this collaboration. For one, Facebook could use a search engine that would allow its users to navigate the site better, especially as Facebook has the resources that can offer answers to most of the questions people might have. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and this massive amount of account would benefit Yahoo! as well, considering that recently it’s been dwarfed by Google.

This possible alliance could cause a shift in the hierarchy of the “world’s biggest technology companies”. What is more, it may signify the rift in a 10-year deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft, that undermined a condition that Yahoo! search results would be powered by Bing, but the idea didn’t prove to be successful. With the new alliance just around the corner, we will see what it brings to an average computer user pretty soon.