Binkiland Search

When I wrote about Vosteran Search a few months back, I was foolishly hoping it would be the last I hear of this browser hijacker family. Alas, that really was too much of a foolish hope. Here we have another browser hijacker from the same family called Binkiland. It is just as resistant to removal as Vosteran Search, Astromenda, Taplika, and so on.

This new infection has a cute name, I can give it that. Maybe that’s why for a time being some users might be lulled into thinking that Binkiland is the real deal. But you know I wouldn’t be happy to find set as my homepage. I mean, just recently it had your own homepage, with your personal customizations, and then BAM – suddenly you see two palm trees and a hammock (vacation, anyone?) with a search box below.


I sometimes find it disturbing how users disregard such modifications to their browser settings. Constant pop-ups, annoying ads, various redirections – they tend to take it for granted, as if that’s perfectly normal and one should be surprised to experience that. However, Binkiland and other annoying infections aren’t something you should tolerate! Trust me, this kind of browser settings modifications are nothing but bad news. It means that your computer’s security has been compromised and your web browsing habits are being monitored. Continue reading



Each time I encounter something like and write about it, I want to head-desk, because for one I can’t believe the tenacity of computer infection developers, and second – I can’t believe how users still fall for the same trick over and over again. So here now we have Dosearches. Or if you want the precise website address. It’s a (surprise surprise) browser hijacker, and it means that the infection modifies your browser settings and then exposes you to a variety of potential threats, and unless you remove Dosearches from your computer, there would be no end to them annoying pop-up advertisements!

*takes a deep breath*dosearches

It’s like a mantra, you know. All those “dangerous” infections are actually similar to the point it makes you barf, but then things like Dosearches come up again and again, and you just have to deal with it. I mean, it may have a nice interface and look like a decent internet search engine, but it’s no more different than Delta-homes or any other browser hijacker, that changes your browser settings without your consent and then spams you with pop-up ads and displays irrelevant search results. Continue reading

WordPress Down

Hi! So I thought it was only me who couldn’t use WordPress properly for the last few days, but judging from my traffic, April 9th and April 10th were absolutely still in terms of user traffic. It’s like the website was dead! And now I open BBC and what do I see? Apparently, WordPress was targeted by hackers, with a large botnet attacking all the accounts with “admin” username. The botnet tries out thousands of passwords until it gets into the account and Boom!wordpress

I’d say it’s a pretty nasty deal, considering that WordPress powers around 17% of the world’s websites. As a result, if hackers target WordPress, then it means it can take down a huge number of websites and blogs, like mine or yours! And the worst thing is that some of those blogs receive a huge traffic every single day. Imagine, what happens when you can no longer access your favorite website? Rather gloomy picture, isn’t it? Continue reading

Claro Search Malware

A few years ago I’ve seen people complaining about fake antivirus programs. 2012 seems to be all about ransomware and browser hijackers. Why so? Because they don’t need your credit card info and they still are able to get away with what they’ve done. Claro Search Malware is one of these suspicious programs that ought to be removed from your system at once. Do not mistake Claro Search malware with search engine, because the homepage for this browser add-on is completely different.

If you click the More Info link on page you will be redirected to a page that tells you how to remove Claro search toolbar, and what computer malware would tell you how to remove it? Therefore, it is important to differentiate between Claro Search and Claro Search Malware. When you are infected with Claro Search Malware your homepage is changed to This browser add-on is related to Babylon merchandise that is infamous on its own. Continue reading – snap out of it!

Have you ever stumbled across website? It looks very clean and user-friendly, but oh boy you sure don’t know what hides behind it, right? This website offers a browser plug-in that is supposed to “enhance” browsing experience. However, “modify” is the word, if you asked me. Especially when we find out that it’s excruciatingly hard to remove What legitimate application would not allow a user to remove it? Very fishy.

Now, why did I say “modify” in the first place? Simple, instead of making the browsing easier and efficient, redirects user to websites that have something in common with the company behind Also, we can never be sure whether the websites the user is redirected to are absolutely safe. I wouldn’t bet on that. Especially as we can see that monitors user’s browsing habits in order to display a list of commercial advertisements. And ONCE AGAIN, we cannot guarantee that these commercial ads aren’t embedded with some suspicious links. I mean, one click on a link to a malicious websites, and won’t be the only problem you have to deal with. Continue reading