Kitt!! A.K.A. Straight to the future

*insert theme music*

I don’t know how about you, but weekly sessions of Knight Rider were one of the favorite parts of my early childhood. I simply LOVED the car. Although if you take a look at the 1982 series now, most of the “innovations” appear to be rather silly, you can’t deny that back then Knight Industries Two Thousand was quite a scientifically loaded car. And apparently, according this article here on the BBC, some of the innovations that Kitt had are now present in our cars today. Kudos to Kitt’s creators for predicting the future! Let’s take a closer look at some of those innovations, shall we?


First, self-driving was probably one of the things in the show. I mean, who wouldn’t want to sit down and relax while your car just… drives itself for you? Apparently, Kitt was able to drive itself without any problem because he (it?) had an auto collision avoidance technology implemented. It might not work like magic, just like it did in the show, but nowadays most of the newest commercial cars do come out with auto collision avoidance devises. As far as the European Union is concerned, they are aiming to equip ALL new vehicles with such a device by 2015. W00t. Continue reading


License: check. Driver… ?

Jules Verne and other 19th century science fiction writers would probably do a victory dance ceremony if they saw their predictions come true nowadays. Driverless car is yet another vision which is about to come true, and no I am not talking about Knight Industries Two Thousand and his best pal Michael Knight. Honestly, who needs David Hasselhoff when you have… Toyota Prius.

Alright, I know it sounds a little bit preposterous, but just recently the Nevada state approved license for the America’s first driverless car. Google’s search firm has modified a general model of Toyota Prius for it to become a modern driverless car and now that they can the license ready, the car is about to hit the road down the Las Vegas’s famous strip. Continue reading