Don’t you get bored when a computer infection comes back again and again with the same set of tools of trade? I mean, there’s nothing new or significant about MyStartSearch, and yet a lot of users have to suffer this browser hijacker on their computers. From what I gather, not everyone knows how to remove from their browsers, and it is not some lousy adware app you could easily delete via Control Panel. Even so, there is nothing to be afraid of because is not some extra malicious infection. It’s good to be on the cautious side, but you know, if you panic, you’re pretty much done for it.


When users panic, they are bound to make rash decisions that lead to dire consequences. For example, when you get infected with, this browser hijacker modifies your default browser settings (I mean, what else is new?), but at the same time, it provides you with a new search service, adorned with shortcuts to your most commonly-visited websites. How does know what kind of shortcuts to display? Easy, the browser hijacker collects data on what websites you visit, and so it can more or less make a pretty decent guess of what you would want to have for your shortcuts. Continue reading


On Positive Finds Removal

You know you’re old when you don’t find the likes of Positive Finds surprising at all. Another symptom of old age is the phrase “these days.” If you find yourself repeating it over and over again, congrats, join the oldie wagon. I think that adware and the search habits of the people “these days” are somewhat related. I mean, it’s not problem to remove Positive Finds on your own, but I find it peculiar that some people don’t even try. Like, seriously? How hard it is to open your Control Panel and actually UNINSTALL the program in question? One could think your fingers would fall off if you tried.

Nah, I’m not directing it at YOU, it’s just a figure of speech, you know. But what I mean is that back in the days (aaaaaand, the oldie attitude kicks in) we were really thorough about our search and research. Nowadays, I get the feeling that people either a) don’t bother using the search service we are offered; or b) can’t be bothered to actually READ carefully. I mean, it’s okay if someone who’s not that savvy in computers gets infected with Positive Finds (okay, it’s not okay, but just… let’s leave it be), because not everyone is educated enough to know what one should be careful about on the Internet.

positive finds

What bothers me the most, however, is that we take it for granted that the younger generation that group up with computers and the Internet since cradle KNOWS everything about Internet safety, computer security, and the dangers one might face if one installs the likes of Positive Finds. Contrary to what people believe, if you’re not interested in computers, you won’t know what’s good or bad, even if you grew up working with one since you were a toddler. I mean, it would be the same as expect every guy to be an awesome mechanic and every lady to be good in kitchen. Stereotype much? Continue reading

Nation Zoom

When a search engine is called like that one would think that it can “zoom in” on the most relevant search keywords for you and so on, but these days we live in a world where we can trust no one. And this rule definitely applies to the Internet environment as well. I sometimes even get user traffic via such fake search engines as Nation Zoom, but seriously – what prompts you use anything else than the well-established and trustworthy search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! or Google? Hatred towards monopoly, desire to be unique, fear that you might be watched? nation zoom

I say that we’re watched all the time anywhere. It is definitely unnerving, but I had a choice between being tracking by Google or Nation Zoom, I’d choose Google. Why? Because Nation Zoom is a browser hijacker, that’s why! If you want to switch from Google to Bing, you can do it with ease, but if you want to switch from Nation Zoom to some other search provider, boy, aren’t you in trouble or what. Continue reading


Have any of you guys seen “Face Off”? Pretty freaky movie, but let’s just use for comparison’s sake – you peel off the skin, put on another one, and BAM – you’re a new person. Right? Well, definitely wrong, because you can never change what you are inside (I sound so philosophically romantic now). Anyways, that’s the main point with computer infections as well. And here now I bring you Aartemis, the new reliable search engine that will definitely improve your web browsing experience.

Aartemis 02

NOT. You seriously couldn’t have believed that. Aartemis is one of those “Face-Off” cases, when it looks like a new and sleek software application on outside, but deep down inside is the same good (bad?) old Castor Troy. So here’s what we have with Aartemis as well. I mean, it looks like a search engine related to the Ancient Greek goddess (*cough*Artemis*cough*), but in reality it just a browser hijacker from the same group as Dosearches – an infection I’ve talk about previously. So much of a renewal. Still can’t hide your nasty nature. Continue reading

Attentive Antivirus

Well, WordPress, are you gonna block me again? Are you? Are you?

Can you believe it? My blog got blocked the other day!! Supposedly I can’t make posts about such things as Attentive Antivirus and such. I don’t get it. It’s not like I’m spreading malicious content or anything. It’s like I have antis or something. Why do people hate me 😦

Well, anyways, I’ve worked really long and hard to get this blog going, and it’s not that popular or anything, but it would be a great shame to let it all to waste, so here! Another post about rogues!!

I’ve actually been familiar with WinWebSec infections for quite some time now. I’ve known them long before they changed their interface. I mean, if you take a look at Attentive Antivirus’ interface I posted up there, you can see it’s blue. I’ve actually covered the older versions of these fake antivirus programs before, like System Care Antivirus and so, but you know, apart from the fact that their interface changed from light pink to light blue, there’s not much different really.Attentive Antivirus Continue reading


I guess we can’t avoid all these “browser hijackers” these days. But there’s one thing I don’t get – if you install it on your computer yourself, how come you say it’s a browser hijacker? I know I titled this entry “Monstermarketplace”, but I suppose I can rant just about any “browser hijacker” there is. You want to remove MonstermarketplacMonsterMarketplacee from your computer? How about avoiding it in the first place? One of the main reasons behind this infection is constant freeware downloads. You know how people often download various games and free programs they encounter online? Well, here’s a news flash for you – most of them are bundled with random files that can go as far as change your browser settings.

I mean, take Monstermarketplace for example – it definitely gets installed on the computer along with freeware by a negligent users. It actually makes me cry in frustration, because it is so EASY to avoid various infections just by reading the installation wizard carefully. But well, anyways. Monstermarketplace is in your PC. What does it do? It changes browser settings and redirects you to If the infected user is an avid online shopper perhaps such a browser modification will not surprise him/her, but I would be vexed to death – MY BROWSER WHY YOU MODIFY MY BROWSER!! Continue reading

Flipora Hijacker

Trust me to keep an article in drafts for over a week, thinking it has been published already… *looks at the previous post*


Well, anyways, apart from me being a totally absent-minded wacko, I guFliporaess there are more important things we should discuss. Like Flipora Hijacker. Once again, I’m taking the most comment search keyword for this application, because I’m pretty sure it’s not so much of a scary and malicious browser hijacker, rather than just a potentially unwanted program. Nevertheless, I’d say remove Flipora Hijacker from your PC if you want your peace back. Continue reading