On Positive Finds Removal

You know you’re old when you don’t find the likes of Positive Finds surprising at all. Another symptom of old age is the phrase “these days.” If you find yourself repeating it over and over again, congrats, join the oldie wagon. I think that adware and the search habits of the people “these days” are somewhat related. I mean, it’s not problem to remove Positive Finds on your own, but I find it peculiar that some people don’t even try. Like, seriously? How hard it is to open your Control Panel and actually UNINSTALL the program in question? One could think your fingers would fall off if you tried.

Nah, I’m not directing it at YOU, it’s just a figure of speech, you know. But what I mean is that back in the days (aaaaaand, the oldie attitude kicks in) we were really thorough about our search and research. Nowadays, I get the feeling that people either a) don’t bother using the search service we are offered; or b) can’t be bothered to actually READ carefully. I mean, it’s okay if someone who’s not that savvy in computers gets infected with Positive Finds (okay, it’s not okay, but just… let’s leave it be), because not everyone is educated enough to know what one should be careful about on the Internet.

positive finds

What bothers me the most, however, is that we take it for granted that the younger generation that group up with computers and the Internet since cradle KNOWS everything about Internet safety, computer security, and the dangers one might face if one installs the likes of Positive Finds. Contrary to what people believe, if you’re not interested in computers, you won’t know what’s good or bad, even if you grew up working with one since you were a toddler. I mean, it would be the same as expect every guy to be an awesome mechanic and every lady to be good in kitchen. Stereotype much? Continue reading


Binkiland Search

When I wrote about Vosteran Search a few months back, I was foolishly hoping it would be the last I hear of this browser hijacker family. Alas, that really was too much of a foolish hope. Here we have another browser hijacker from the same family called Binkiland. It is just as resistant to removal as Vosteran Search, Astromenda, Taplika, and so on.

This new infection has a cute name, I can give it that. Maybe that’s why for a time being some users might be lulled into thinking that Binkiland is the real deal. But you know I wouldn’t be happy to find binkiland.com set as my homepage. I mean, just recently it had your own homepage, with your personal customizations, and then BAM – suddenly you see two palm trees and a hammock (vacation, anyone?) with a search box below.


I sometimes find it disturbing how users disregard such modifications to their browser settings. Constant pop-ups, annoying ads, various redirections – they tend to take it for granted, as if that’s perfectly normal and one should be surprised to experience that. However, Binkiland and other annoying infections aren’t something you should tolerate! Trust me, this kind of browser settings modifications are nothing but bad news. It means that your computer’s security has been compromised and your web browsing habits are being monitored. Continue reading

Flipora Hijacker

Trust me to keep an article in drafts for over a week, thinking it has been published already… *looks at the previous post*


Well, anyways, apart from me being a totally absent-minded wacko, I guFliporaess there are more important things we should discuss. Like Flipora Hijacker. Once again, I’m taking the most comment search keyword for this application, because I’m pretty sure it’s not so much of a scary and malicious browser hijacker, rather than just a potentially unwanted program. Nevertheless, I’d say remove Flipora Hijacker from your PC if you want your peace back. Continue reading

Tuvaro Toolbar

Hey everyone! Have you ever had a browser plugin installed, and then wondered, why on earth did you install it in the first place? I bet our feelings are mutual when it comes to Tuvaro Toolbar. It’s one of those add-ons that are kind of useful, and then again you would be better off without it. As far as I know, Tuvaro Toolbar is similar to Claro Toolbar and Montera Toolbar, mostly because they are developed by Montera Technologies Ltd. So in a way, this plugin is not a computer threat (unlike what most of the security-related websites might say), yet even so, I suppose you should remove Tuvaro Toolbar from your PC if you are still not sure whether you really need it or not.Tuvaro

Although Tuvaro Toolbar is not a computer infection, it presents certain security risks due to its privacy policy. For example, when you have this plugin installed on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Internet Explorer browser, the extension collects your web browsing information, and it can later on share it with third parties so that they could publish the information on their own websites. Most of the data collection is carried out for marketing purposes, but imagine what would happen if this information fell into the hands of cyber criminals! Unfortunately, Tuvaro Toolbar is an easy target for hackers, and it can be easily exploited to collect your personal data or even infect you with malicious programs. Continue reading

MIXI.DJ Toolbar

I sometimes wonder. Are really toolbars that useful? I don’t even use that additional search bar I have on my Firefox browser, let alone utilize any toolbar, even though I spend more than half of my day on the Internet. So, I still find it odd how people download and install things like MIXI.DJ Toolbar. Sure, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, and you can easily get a hold of the toolbar at mixidj.ourtoolbar.com. The official stance is that the toolbar is supposed to “improve your Internet browsing experience”. The be more precise – MIXI.DJ Toolbar is out to provide a direct access to your favorite YouTube videos and media players related to them. To tailor video search to your liking, the toolbar has to employ cookies to collect various information about your browsing habits.mixi dj

To be honest, I have enough cookies on my browsers already, to keep up with the number of passwords and logins I have (yeah, I know, it’s not that secure), but having yet another toolbar for something I seldom do? I don’t know about it. I mean, MIXI.DJ Toolbar is published by Conduit Ltd. and this program has already created a bunch of other browser extensions like 2YourFace, Widgi Toolbar and it’s even related to Incredibar! Now how do I know that? Well, that’s because when you install the default version of MIXI.DJ Toolbar, your home page is changed to mystart.incredibar.com. Plain obvious, isn’t it? Continue reading