Thought Kills

I have always had this idea that if you think about it, you think actually talk yourself into getting ill and what not. It’s sometimes funny how you need an actual scientific proof sometimes to make people believe that something logical and common is true. Well, guess what, David Robson at BBC says that it’s the real deal. noceboEver thought why it sometimes feels that some people seemed to be cursed and they can’t escape the sad end? Well, personally, I don’t believe in such thing as superstitions, but perhaps they have brought it upon themselves for actually BELIEVING in it.

These negative consequences caused by a strong belief alone are called the “nocebo effect,” and it can result in a number of symptoms, for example, dizziness, vomiting, headaches, and sometimes even death! Have you ever been scared or worried sick to the point it resulted in some physical symptoms? I have. I’m a bit of a worrying type, and back when I was little, I would worry myself sick to the point I would have stomach aches. I couldn’t eat. My symptom of over thinking is the loss of the appetite. What’s yours? I’m pretty sure almost all of us have something behind our sleeves, but this kind of “nocebo jinx” could get super serious if people take it too far.

I’m pretty sure we have heard before about the placebo effect, and how important one’s mindset is for healing and staying healthy. Likewise, it is only logical that plunging into negative thoughts and convictions does no good to one’s health either. Ted Kaptchuk at Harvard Medical Shool says that “it’s a consistent phenomenon, but medicine has never really dealt with it.” I think the most disturbing thing about this phenomenon is how influential it is in our daily lives. The so-called “sick rumors” can affect us even if we don’t realize it.

David Robson says that harmful beliefs could be catching, and they can transmit illness too! For example, having negative expectations on something could back-fire in a way that, even if you the actual result should be good, the negative expectation makes the person live through something in a disadvantageous manner and, as a result, the final result is negative too. The point is that, although it’s just a thought, the distress can result in an actual physical condition that needs to be treated.

I think that one needs to work on some negative convictions and beliefs before it falls out of hand. We obviously need to educate ourselves, because we have to fight the internal fear. Your thoughts towards something are just as important as the actual things you do, or even the medicine you take.


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