You might wonder why I am doing a piece of, when there’s already an article on down below. Well, yeah, you’ve got me. These two search engines are practically one and the same, but you know, it wouldn’t hurt just to be sure. So what is Well, a search engine, and most probably a browser hijacker. Which is obvious. Now, if you have this bugger on your browser, then it is quite clear that you need to remove ASAP. I wouldn’t want to have it. No sir.iStartSurf

But wait! Someone might say. Why the hell not? It looks nice and sophisticated and for all we know it might work just fine. Well, to be honest, the same can be applied to all the other browser hijackers out there from the same family. looks nice. Yes. provides you with shortcuts to Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo!, eBay and other popular websites. Yes. Also true. But it also collects info on what sites you visit and it displays commercial ads. Although commercials are an inescapable part of our lives, these are the types of ads you might want to avoid. After all, is not an application we can trust. Continue reading


Phone problems

Wow, I’m alive. Now would you believe that -__-;; Seriously, who’s ever said that summer is the best season of the year? I’ve never had such a busy summer in my life. Which resulted in me not posting here for over 5 (?) months. Dear Lord. Anyways, I’m back, and as usual, I have a problem.

I don’t know if you remember me talking about tablets before. I was wondering whether I should get myself one or not. Well, I’m still wondering about it (it usually takes me an extremely long time to decide upon something, and I’m not even a Libra!), but in the mean time, my phone got too old!

I seriously miss those good old days, when the only thing you could do with your phone was call, text message and play snake games (oh yes, I’m talking about you, 3310 the almighty). However, nowadays phones go out of commission way too soon. I’ve had my ol’ Samsung Galaxy for over 2 years now, and I’m telling you, it’s slow and frustrating. Terribly frustrating.

So now I’m wondering what should I get… Samsung is out of question. I’ve had Samsung twice already and the phone loses its vibe after a year. And I’m stingy, I need a battery that serves longer. iPhone is also out of question. Because Apple. I’m one of those people who have allergies to Apple. I mean, I know they’re good and all yada yada, but just… no. I’m sorry.

So… I’m thinking… maybe… this…?


After all, they make phones, not war LOL.

Ah, what to do…