Almost Human

So while preparing myself for the galore of awesome that is Sherlock season 3 (have you watched The Sign of Three already? Have you? Have you?), I had nothing to watch for a considerable amount of time. However, I have a pal on Twitter, who is very eMV5BMzQ1NDQ3MjUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTY2MDczMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_ager to share personal tastes in public and sometimes I google the titles the person tweets. So that’s how I came into contact with Almost Human.

I’m a sucker for fantasy and sci-fi, although I have to admit that as years go by I tend to get pickier and pickier. Not that I’m this tech-savvy who looks for flaws in your scientific build-up of a story. I’m not gonna pretend that I am meticulous enough to check out all the facts and what not. For one, a movie, a book, a cartoon or a TV series is always FICTION, so for some reason ever since was a little kid I’ve known that I should not take things I see on the screen for granted, because… well… they are not real. And frankly, I’m too lazy to look for science facts. As long as it can entertain me, I’m all good.

However, that’s where the problem emerges. As I’ve mentioned above, I’m becoming picky. To put it simply, I’m too lazy for something too smart or complicated, but I’m not stupid enough (excuse the bigheadedness) for something silly. So it’s really hard to find things worth watching these days, but I’m glad I’ve stumbled across Almost Human.

I’m not exactly sure where this show is going so far. The main conflict was established in the first episode, but I don’t see Detective Kennex moving towards solving the Insyndicate case yet, however with each episode he and Dorian (here I’m making an assumption that you’re familiar with the series, because, once again, too lazy to introduce the characters, and seriously, this is not a review, it’s just my own humble opinion post) encounter different obstacles that consequently reveal them as characters and individuals.

As of now, I can’t wait to watch the next episode although I sometimes miss the sense of objective in the series. Perhaps they are still trying to figure it out themselves? However, to think that you could watch something like that on TV… Definitely enjoying all the small touches of special effects and the view on the not-so-distant future.

Although what sometimes makes me think is that the world doesn’t seem too different from ours technology-wise. Actually, that’s something what one would expect from some mere 30 (?) years into the future. But, wow… check out them androids. Where did that come from? Are they hiding this technology from us?

Either way, like I’ve said before, fiction is fiction, and I just love to entertain myself. I’m definitely watching Almost Human until the end of season one and hope the show will be renewed for season two. After all, it’s nice to imagine what our lives would be within 30 or so years, right? Even if by that time I would probably be saving for a synthetic leg of my own…

Ah, who am I kidding, I’m just watching it for Dorian.


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