Nation Zoom

When a search engine is called like that one would think that it can “zoom in” on the most relevant search keywords for you and so on, but these days we live in a world where we can trust no one. And this rule definitely applies to the Internet environment as well. I sometimes even get user traffic via such fake search engines as Nation Zoom, but seriously – what prompts you use anything else than the well-established and trustworthy search engines such as Bing, Yahoo! or Google? Hatred towards monopoly, desire to be unique, fear that you might be watched? nation zoom

I say that we’re watched all the time anywhere. It is definitely unnerving, but I had a choice between being tracking by Google or Nation Zoom, I’d choose Google. Why? Because Nation Zoom is a browser hijacker, that’s why! If you want to switch from Google to Bing, you can do it with ease, but if you want to switch from Nation Zoom to some other search provider, boy, aren’t you in trouble or what. Continue reading


Almost Human

So while preparing myself for the galore of awesome that is Sherlock season 3 (have you watched The Sign of Three already? Have you? Have you?), I had nothing to watch for a considerable amount of time. However, I have a pal on Twitter, who is very eMV5BMzQ1NDQ3MjUxOF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMTY2MDczMDE@._V1_SX640_SY720_ager to share personal tastes in public and sometimes I google the titles the person tweets. So that’s how I came into contact with Almost Human.

I’m a sucker for fantasy and sci-fi, although I have to admit that as years go by I tend to get pickier and pickier. Not that I’m this tech-savvy who looks for flaws in your scientific build-up of a story. I’m not gonna pretend that I am meticulous enough to check out all the facts and what not. For one, a movie, a book, a cartoon or a TV series is always FICTION, so for some reason ever since was a little kid I’ve known that I should not take things I see on the screen for granted, because… well… they are not real. And frankly, I’m too lazy to look for science facts. As long as it can entertain me, I’m all good.

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