SlideShow Hell

You know how my humble “About Me” section says that I post here when I have some “free time off work”? Notice how I’ve been absent for like 3 months? Yeah, you can guess it right – work kills your brain and your inclination to update your blog. I’m not even talking about my personal PERSONAL blog (you know, we all have some dirty secrets)… I haven’t updated that sincslide showe July or something. Anyways, my point with this post (and another one coming right up on our “favorite” software stuff), is that I am utterly FRUSTRATED! Why? Because SLIDES.

Slides? You might ask, what about them? Well, so it happens that I’m at one of those positions at work, where I have to do quite a lot of presentations, and when you get too used to thinks, sooner or later you start repeating yourself, you know? So this one time our manager takes me aside and says, yeah well, your presentations are cool and all that, but make them more interactive you know, more audience-friendly. And then he offers me to rummage through a list of sites, in search for images and what. The sites that are usually for kids!

I mean, I’m all up for innovation and what not, but when you spend 2 hours looking for pics, when you can do everything in 30 mins, that’s a bit too much. Shouldn’t a manager be concerned about our resources and so on? I think that the material, patters and stock photos should be provided by the management, and I could just put it all together. But maybe that is my own faulty impression. I don’t know. I think that rather than looking for “user-friendly” pictures for hours and then pasting them into Power Point, I should make use of something a lot more convenient.

So my question would be: any recommendations for interactive slideshow software? By “interactive” I don’t mean videos or moving pictures. It’s more like I need software with a lot of patterns that I could use and personalize based on each presentation. Or maybe I’m just asking for too much. I honestly have no idea. The entire thing just honestly fried my brain.


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