Tablet worries

Lately I’ve been thinking about buying myself a tablet. You may ask – what? You run a blog on internet and stuff, and you still don’t have one? Well, yeah. I know, it’s kind of unorthodox, but I’m a very stubborn person with habits that die hard. You should’ve seen how long it took me to switch from my good old Nokia to a Samsung smartphone. But that’s not the point. The point is… which one to buy and WHERE? As in, in which country?Tablet PC

My occupation makes me travel a lot and instead of checking prices online, I can actually do that offline in markets and what not. And sometimes the differences between prices of the same gadget are ridiculous to say the least.

Well, okay, I would definitely not get an iPad, just BECAUSE. I know that it’s good and convenient, and hell, I had my own iPod season, and I do realize that Apple provides you with really dependable and HQ products, but this very dependency on iTunes and Mac App Store is what makes me cringe at times. I don’t know, it’s just… feels like being in a relationship with no space to breathe. Sure sure, you might say, it’s possible to install other operating system on your iPad if you crack it and all, but I’m not ready to go this far one simple tablet.

Why would I need it? Hmm, well, because sometimes smartphone is too small and laptop is just too big, if you catch my drift here. I may want to write sometimes in a document, but the phone is just too small to do it conveniently, and I can’t carry my laptop around, because my back would break eventually. So there, mom, get me a tablet for Christmas.

But with iPad out of the list, what else we’ve got here. Samsung? Meh, I know they’re good, and I’m a Samsung Galaxy slave, but these days I’m thinking of trying out HTC or something else for my next phone, especially as Galaxy’s battery life decreases significantly after one year of use. So then we have Asus tables and of course Sony Xperia.

I think I wrote about extra slim tablet from Sony a few months ago, and my memories of Sony Ericsson Walkman w850i are still fresh and very pleasant, and in a way, it makes me want to try out Sony tablet as well. BUT. The problem is that in Korea (where I travel often to) the price of this tablet is pretty decent, while my current country of stay has a ridiculous mark-up or increase of a price, which makes up almost 40% of the general retail price.

How stupid is that? So eventually, I’m left here wondering, shall I wait for my next Korea trip or just buy a tablet nevertheless, disregarding the overpricing factor. Somehow, my spider senses are telling me, that I’m gonna have some fresh kimchi real soon…


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