Antivirus Security Pro

I actually hate when I need to talk about things like these, but what can you do, if you’re running a blog on computer security and stuff, and you need to overview the most “popular” computer infections too, eh? In this case, I suppose I need to say a work or two about Antivirus Security Pro. Once you scroll down to the image that gives you an idea how this infection’s interface looks like, you will be able to tell at once that the program has something to do with Attentive Antivirus I wrote about a month ago. Well, you don’t need to be a genius to get it, because it’s plain obvious – Antivirus Security Pro is a direct close of Attentive Antivirus.Antivirus Security Pro GUI2

I always wonder as to how these rogue creators (because well duh – Antivirus Security Pro is a fake antivirus program, meaning it’s rogue antispyware, meaning it aims for your money, run for your lives~!) manage to spew one application after another, all so similar, and still all aiming for the exactly same thing. I mean, if you get into trap once, there’s no way in the world, you’d get there again, right? Continue reading