Largest EVE Online Battle Ever

So I’m browsing the technology section on BBC and this picture catches my eye:

_69001656_fleetofthedemigodsNow, I’m a sucker for sci-fi and even though I’m not an avid gamer, hell, I don’t do games at all (I know, I have no idea how’s that possible in the first place), my initial thought is: Wow. An epic space battle online! *_*

Not to mention that if a battled within a GAME manages to get into BBC news it’s supposed to be something, right? So I google it, and what would you know – quite a few headlines about the most massive space battle ever.

One of the reports I’ve seen online, actually made me snort. Why? Because I had no idea what the person was talking about it. It’s from Destructoid (where you can read the full account of the battle), posted by Sterling Lyons, and it goes like this:

[Update: Test Alliance has started to back off from the system. A small amount of fighting still remains, but system 6VDT-H is now under Goonswarm Federation control — The main alliance in the Clusterfuck Coalition.]

Psssfffffftt… I bet if you’re a player at EVE Online, you will think I’m absolutely ignorant and what not, but it’s true! I mean, it would be like throwing me in the pits of Papua New Guinea jungles telling me to figure out what the local tribes are talking about without any translation!

And then it got me thinking. It’s an entire world out there. It’s just like me or my friends who are enjoying themselves behind our Twitter identities in the micro-blogging site – the players of EVE Online, are leading two lives just like any of us, just, perhaps, theirs are a lot more interesting. I mean, there is this game addiction thing and all, but look at this beauty, wouldn’t you want to pilot of those?



On the other hand, I know why I’m not into games. It would be an extremely bitter-sweet experience, knowing that it’s not real. I would love to pilot something like that. But for real… Wish I were born some 3000 years later… *sobs*


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