Microsoft and Blackberry cuts down

… prices that is. I don’t know, perhaps writing such articles is like biting the hand that’s feeding you, but I’ve never owned a Blackberry so whatever. It appears, that Microsoft and Blackberry both cut down the price tag for their main products – Surface and Z10. It doesn’t require an Einstein to understand that the price has been cut down in hopes to boost up the sales of these products, but now I wonder whether that would really help.3286.Surface_Pro_original

Naturally, the way I see it, Microsoft and Blackberry need to fight off the zealous competition by Apple, Google and Samsung, but I think that’s not the only problem in this situation. If you take a look around you – everyone and your mother has a smart phone or a tablet (I almost got a shock when my mother go Samsung Galaxy S III). And by everyone and your mother, I mean everyone who can afford to buy it, or actually need it, because let’s be honest here – how many of us really NEED a smart phone or a tablet? I personally, cannot imagine my life without a smart phone, but I would never buy a tablet, because I really simply… do not need it.BlackBerry_Z10_front_and_back

People who buy these devices will continue buying them, but the market is so saturated that the slowdown is unavoidable. I guess we just have to wait an see whether this move by the two companies pays off (works out?), but I sometimes get the impression that production and economics are no different from the horoscopes – predictions do not count.


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