Roaming rant

This time I just want to let out something that has been bothering me for quite some time now. And I am pretty sure that quite a few of you think the same way. Have you ever been abroad? Well, most probably you have. To be honest, I am in a position where I need to travel or live extended periods of time abroad, and most often that country is South Korea. Great, you’d say, the fastest internet in the world! Yes, to some extent, but it comes at a terrible price – mobile phone services.4g-global-network

The first time I went to Seoul, our local phones did not even WORK there. Now, with the abundance of smartphones it is finally possible to rent a SIM card and use your own phone in the country, instead of renting an iPhone with a huge deposit on top of that. However, it’s still not quite how it is in some other countries, where you simply buy a SIM card, put it into your phone and voila~ call and do whatever. They still need to register you and what not, not to mention that the 3G rate is ridiculous.

So my point here is – why do I have to do it in the first place? I am pretty sure that the technology is there already. A technology that would allow me to use my own phone, my own SIM card and my own service provider wherever I go, without paying ridiculous roaming fees. Why can’t I jump from network to network like changing clothes that are actually my own?

I guess the international networks are still not ready to loose a significant amount of money by standardizing all the networks and saving us the trouble. But just some food for thought, you know. Because it’s extremely annoying when I need to change numbers for a more affordable service whenever I go abroad.


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