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Well, WordPress, are you gonna block me again? Are you? Are you?

Can you believe it? My blog got blocked the other day!! Supposedly I can’t make posts about such things as Attentive Antivirus and such. I don’t get it. It’s not like I’m spreading malicious content or anything. It’s like I have antis or something. Why do people hate me 😦

Well, anyways, I’ve worked really long and hard to get this blog going, and it’s not that popular or anything, but it would be a great shame to let it all to waste, so here! Another post about rogues!!

I’ve actually been familiar with WinWebSec infections for quite some time now. I’ve known them long before they changed their interface. I mean, if you take a look at Attentive Antivirus’ interface I posted up there, you can see it’s blue. I’ve actually covered the older versions of these fake antivirus programs before, like System Care Antivirus and so, but you know, apart from the fact that their interface changed from light pink to light blue, there’s not much different really.Attentive Antivirus Continue reading


Largest EVE Online Battle Ever

So I’m browsing the technology section on BBC and this picture catches my eye:

_69001656_fleetofthedemigodsNow, I’m a sucker for sci-fi and even though I’m not an avid gamer, hell, I don’t do games at all (I know, I have no idea how’s that possible in the first place), my initial thought is: Wow. An epic space battle online! *_*

Not to mention that if a battled within a GAME manages to get into BBC news it’s supposed to be something, right? So I google it, and what would you know – quite a few headlines about the most massive space battle ever. Continue reading


I guess we can’t avoid all these “browser hijackers” these days. But there’s one thing I don’t get – if you install it on your computer yourself, how come you say it’s a browser hijacker? I know I titled this entry “Monstermarketplace”, but I suppose I can rant just about any “browser hijacker” there is. You want to remove MonstermarketplacMonsterMarketplacee from your computer? How about avoiding it in the first place? One of the main reasons behind this infection is constant freeware downloads. You know how people often download various games and free programs they encounter online? Well, here’s a news flash for you – most of them are bundled with random files that can go as far as change your browser settings.

I mean, take Monstermarketplace for example – it definitely gets installed on the computer along with freeware by a negligent users. It actually makes me cry in frustration, because it is so EASY to avoid various infections just by reading the installation wizard carefully. But well, anyways. Monstermarketplace is in your PC. What does it do? It changes browser settings and redirects you to If the infected user is an avid online shopper perhaps such a browser modification will not surprise him/her, but I would be vexed to death – MY BROWSER WHY YOU MODIFY MY BROWSER!! Continue reading

Samsung record profits

Anyone’s surprised? Anyone? Anyone? Didn’t think so… While Microsoft and Blackberry need to cut down their prices to be competitive in the over-saturated market, Samsung is still gorging out. Well, good for them. According to the latest report, Samsung’s net profit for the last quarter was 7.8 trillion won (~$7bn) and it increased around 50% compared to the 2nd quarter profits from last year. Samsung Electronics says the profit was boosted by the ever-growing smartphone and display panel sales. I bet launching Galaxy S4 helped them increase their sales as

Personally, I wasn’t as excited about Galaxy S4 as about Galaxy S3, but then again – what the hell, a good phone is a good phone, perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I don’t buy a new phone unless I really NEED it, but the people at Samsung Electronics themselves also agree that the expansion of the smartphone market is going to slow down. Robert Yi, head of investor at Samsung, has said that they “cannot overlook delayed economic recovery in Europe and risks from increased competition for smartphone and other set products”. Continue reading

Flipora Hijacker

Trust me to keep an article in drafts for over a week, thinking it has been published already… *looks at the previous post*


Well, anyways, apart from me being a totally absent-minded wacko, I guFliporaess there are more important things we should discuss. Like Flipora Hijacker. Once again, I’m taking the most comment search keyword for this application, because I’m pretty sure it’s not so much of a scary and malicious browser hijacker, rather than just a potentially unwanted program. Nevertheless, I’d say remove Flipora Hijacker from your PC if you want your peace back. Continue reading

Microsoft and Blackberry cuts down

… prices that is. I don’t know, perhaps writing such articles is like biting the hand that’s feeding you, but I’ve never owned a Blackberry so whatever. It appears, that Microsoft and Blackberry both cut down the price tag for their main products – Surface and Z10. It doesn’t require an Einstein to understand that the price has been cut down in hopes to boost up the sales of these products, but now I wonder whether that would really help.3286.Surface_Pro_original

Naturally, the way I see it, Microsoft and Blackberry need to fight off the zealous competition by Apple, Google and Samsung, but I think that’s not the only problem in this situation. If you take a look around you – everyone and your mother has a smart phone or a tablet (I almost got a shock when my mother go Samsung Galaxy S III). And by everyone and your mother, I mean everyone who can afford to buy it, or actually need it, because let’s be honest here – how many of us really NEED a smart phone or a tablet? I personally, cannot imagine my life without a smart phone, but I would never buy a tablet, because I really simply… do not need it.BlackBerry_Z10_front_and_back

People who buy these devices will continue buying them, but the market is so saturated that the slowdown is unavoidable. I guess we just have to wait an see whether this move by the two companies pays off (works out?), but I sometimes get the impression that production and economics are no different from the horoscopes – predictions do not count.


Hey, what’s up! Coming back with yet another boring article here. Yeah, I know, I know, I should probably post pictures and videos from my daily life or so, bDelta-Homesut what can I do if these cyber garbage just keep on coming? So say hello to Delta-Homes now, the newest kid on the browser hijacker block. To be honest, to me it looks very similar to and other browser hijackers from the bunch. The only difference is that PortaldoSites or Qone8 had only a search box in their home pages, while Delta-Homes comes with an entire new package – a search box, a list of shortcuts to popular website domains (Facebook, YouTube, eBay etc) and ads for online gaming sites.

So at first glance it may seem that Delta-Homes is a rather nice search provider and all, especially as it gives you links to other popular sites, but if you asked me, THAT is the main problem. If it weren’t enough for the potentially rigged search results, this browser hijacker creates even more chances for you to get hacked or infected with malware via flash ads. Continue reading