Zeus Trojan comes back through Facebook

Zeus Trojan is a notorious computer infection that has been there since 2007. It’s actually so well-known it has its own Wikipedia page. When I think about it, it’s amazing that a computer infection has been there for so long and it still has not been trojan_horseeradicated. Every now and then Zeus comes back, stealing data via instant messages or employing any other way for its scams. Now the Trojan is back again, and it’s making use of Facebook to steal millions from unsuspecting users. According to an article at Techspot, Zeus Trojan has managed to steal over $46 million from European internet users.

The main techniques used by Zeus are not new – it makes use of keyloggers to track and record users’ keystrokes in order to subsequently acquire such sensitive information as social security numbers, credit card numbers and so on. It may even create a fake online banking webpage, to trick users into entering logins and passwords. So here you go – when you enter your own credentials into the fake Zeus Trojan page, you have no one else but yourself to blame.

To give the Trojan some credit, it DOES enter the system surreptitiously, and there are basically no infection symptoms that would give away a tell-tale sign that something is wrong. Unless user runs regular antimalware scans, there is basically to way to tell that you are infected with Zeus Trojan.

Have you encountered a bogus Facebook page? When was the last time you checked your system for any malware threats? Scan your computer right now, because you can never know who will be the next victim of Zeus Trojan. After all, it is called Zeus for a reason.


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