System Doctor 2014

Here we go. Another rogue infection. Now don’t you just love it? Naturally, I’m kidding, because you would enjoy something like System Doctor 2014. Sure, at first glance it looks like your average and legitimate antivirus program, but once it starts spamming you with fake security alerts and random error messages, I guess you learn it the hard way. System Doctor 2014 is a malicious system infection that wants your money. Tinfectionhere is no need to say anything else, because everyone knows what a rogue antispyware program is, but if the first paragraph is not enough for you, then let us move on to the next one.

Where does System Doctor 2014 come from? Oh, it’s a part of a long line of fake AVs that’s been here since 2006. There once was this rogue called System Doctor that would scare poor computer users into thinking they are infected with the lies of win32.trojan.rx or trojanspm/lx only to realize later on, that the entire thing was a scam devised in order to steal their money. System Doctor 2014 is exactly the same! It run a fake system scan and claims that your system is infected with malware.

The problem is that the claims seem to be very believable, because your computer exhibits erratic behavior and is slower than the usual. But here’s the catch – System Doctor 2014 slows down your computer and blocks your .exe files itself. All of it is done to make the impression that you have no other choice, but to purchase the full version of the program for 99.99 USD and get yourself a lifetime support against computer infections.

Sure, it sounds pretty enough, and it would be great if System Doctor 2014 could deliver it, but that is an absolute lie! Why? Because the moment you enter your credit card credentials into the purchase form, cyber criminals acquire that data and then little by little they steal your money, performing illegal financial operations. You certainly wouldn’t want that, now would you?

So what do we do about it? Simple – you remove System Doctor 2014 automatically with a powerful security application. For that you need to scan your system first. In case System Doctor 2014 blocks your .exe files, you should do this:

For Windows XP

  1. Open your browser and download a legitimate scanner.
  2. Open Start menu and go to Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Folder options and open View tab.
  4. Un-check the Hide extensions for known file types option and click OK.
  5. Rename the downloaded file into explorer.exe.
  6. Run the file and scan your PC.

For Windows Vista & Windows 7 & Windows 8

  1. Follow step 1 above.
  2. Open any folder and click Organize on the top left corner of your window.
  3. Select Folder and search options and open View tab.
  4. Un-check Hide extensions for known file types option.
  5. Click OK and rename the file you’ve downloaded to explorer.exe.
  6. Install the scanner and run a full system scan.

In case you have any questions about this infection, leave me a comment 🙂

Check out this video for a more detailed explanation on System Doctor 2014 removal:


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