Start Button is Back

I don’t know whether you had a chance to work with Windows 8 yet, because even though I still use Windows 7 on my laptop, I need to work with Windows 8 alstart buttonmost daily, and the thing that annoys me to no end, is the lack of the Start button. I know you can easily access stuff via Charms bar of the Start metro menu. But come on! So much hassle! Thankfully, according to BBC News technology reporter Dave Lee, Microsoft is bringing Start button back on Windows 8. Yay!

The problem though is that it will not have the same functions as Start button on Windows 7 or any other previous version of the operating system. The revived Start button will only take us to the Metro Start screen. Well, bummer. You can actually read more of the updates on this Start button article I’ve mentioned previously, but here I’m left wondering – is Start button really necessary then, considering that it will only lead me to the Metro interface. I mean, I can access Metro start screen by moving my mouse cursor to the left corner of my screen and then poof~ it appears, all I need is to click it. Now I will have to click a Start menu button instead?

I don’t know Microsoft, I’m still not convinced I want a copy of Windows 8 for myself. Perhaps I’ll just skip this operating system for a time being.


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