System Doctor 2014

Here we go. Another rogue infection. Now don’t you just love it? Naturally, I’m kidding, because you would enjoy something like System Doctor 2014. Sure, at first glance it looks like your average and legitimate antivirus program, but once it starts spamming you with fake security alerts and random error messages, I guess you learn it the hard way. System Doctor 2014 is a malicious system infection that wants your money. Tinfectionhere is no need to say anything else, because everyone knows what a rogue antispyware program is, but if the first paragraph is not enough for you, then let us move on to the next one.

Where does System Doctor 2014 come from? Oh, it’s a part of a long line of fake AVs that’s been here since 2006. There once was this rogue called System Doctor that would scare poor computer users into thinking they are infected with the lies of win32.trojan.rx or trojanspm/lx only to realize later on, that the entire thing was a scam devised in order to steal their money. System Doctor 2014 is exactly the same! It run a fake system scan and claims that your system is infected with malware.

The problem is that the claims seem to be very believable, because your computer exhibits erratic behavior and is slower than the usual. But here’s the catch – System Doctor 2014 slows down your computer and blocks your .exe files itself. All of it is done to make the impression that you have no other choice, but to purchase the full version of the program for 99.99 USD and get yourself a lifetime support against computer infections. Continue reading


Start Button is Back

I don’t know whether you had a chance to work with Windows 8 yet, because even though I still use Windows 7 on my laptop, I need to work with Windows 8 alstart buttonmost daily, and the thing that annoys me to no end, is the lack of the Start button. I know you can easily access stuff via Charms bar of the Start metro menu. But come on! So much hassle! Thankfully, according to BBC News technology reporter Dave Lee, Microsoft is bringing Start button back on Windows 8. Yay!

The problem though is that it will not have the same functions as Start button on Windows 7 or any other previous version of the operating system. The revived Start button will only take us to the Metro Start screen. Well, bummer. You can actually read more of the updates on this Start button article I’ve mentioned previously, but here I’m left wondering – is Start button really necessary then, considering that it will only lead me to the Metro interface. I mean, I can access Metro start screen by moving my mouse cursor to the left corner of my screen and then poof~ it appears, all I need is to click it. Now I will have to click a Start menu button instead?

I don’t know Microsoft, I’m still not convinced I want a copy of Windows 8 for myself. Perhaps I’ll just skip this operating system for a time being.

You know these sites that aren’t exactly super bad, but then again there’s something about them, that makes you shake your head? Well, is one of these sites. I see a lot of security websites classifying it as browser hijacker so let’s go with it. This website is similar to Qvo6 Virus and other so-called hijackers that cMajorBrowsershange your home page address, your default search engine and what not. Basically, if you want to remove or whatever came with it, you need to restore your browser settings and then run a full system scan with a good scanner to check for other infections.

Now, why am I talking about other infections? The thing is that quite often and similar sites appear on your browser after you download random freeware applications from third party websites. Why? Because freeware apps are often bundled with additional software, that might as well be spyware or even malware. So beware and look closely at what you’re downloading/installing. Continue reading

New Gmail Inbox

Hey everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it? And I see that a lot of things have changed while I’ve been away. Like, take Gmail for example. Not only does it have these pop-up new mail windows, but Google announced that it will introduce a Gmail inbox that has automatic labeling. I’m not sure how to accept this news, because I’m not great fan of labels, but I guess you could also say, that I’m very disorganized in that sense. Nevertheless, Google says that soon enough your email messages will be sorted out automatically into such folders (or tabs) as Promotions, Social, Updates, Forums and so on.Gmail

Thankfully, though, all of the main messages will go to “Primary” tab, and it will be easy to switch from tab to a tab, because they will appear right above your inbox. I’m still curious about the general reaction from Gmail users to this new feature. I mean, if you’re not receiving hundreds of message everything from sales websites, social networks and what not, this new system may only clutter your inbox. It is true that we can get used to anything in time, but the question is whether we really need all these new tabs.

According to Google, the new inbox will be out in few weeks, and the new features will be introduced gradually, so we won’t be in for a good shock her. In fact, I’m slightly curious as to how this new inbox will look like myself, so let’s just wait and see, shall we?