Wordpress Down

Hi! So I thought it was only me who couldn’t use WordPress properly for the last few days, but judging from my traffic, April 9th and April 10th were absolutely still in terms of user traffic. It’s like the website was dead! And now I open BBC and what do I see? Apparently, WordPress was targeted by hackers, with a large botnet attacking all the accounts with “admin” username. The botnet tries out thousands of passwords until it gets into the account and Boom!wordpress

I’d say it’s a pretty nasty deal, considering that WordPress powers around 17% of the world’s websites. As a result, if hackers target WordPress, then it means it can take down a huge number of websites and blogs, like mine or yours! And the worst thing is that some of those blogs receive a huge traffic every single day. Imagine, what happens when you can no longer access your favorite website? Rather gloomy picture, isn’t it?

So what do what do? According to WordPress, we need to change our usernames (if we still have “admin” usernames) and user really strong passwords. What is a strong password? A random sequence of letters and numbers. For example, is Johnny123 a strong password? Nope, not at all, and it will be cracked any time. A better example of a strong password would be: XhfjYidlghaonwHf51864.

We can’t really know what was the reason behind this botnet attack, some security experts say that it might have happened in order to build an even bigger botnet, but you know, do everything that depends on you to protect your blog, so that later on, you would have someone else to blame 😀


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