System Care Antivirus

Hey! Remember Disk Antivirus Professional? I wrote about it in February, and I think I mentioned that it’s not the last we’re seeing of WinWebSec rogues this year. Well, due to my busy schedule I actually missed one (AVASoft Antivirus Professional), and look at this – WinWebSec rogue for 2013 No. 3 – System Care Antivirus. What does this fake antivirus program do different from its predecessors? Nothing much. Just like other infections from the same group System Care Antivirus blocks exe files, performs a fake system scan, spams you with fake security notifications and blocks Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome web

However, System Care Antivirus leaves Internet Explorer be. Why is that? Well, simple – the rogue needs to have a way how to lure your money out of you, because this is the only reason why the rogue enters your computer. I know that System Care Antivirus looks like a decent computer security program, but you know, this is the main idea behind this entire scan – convince you that the program you see is a genuine one, and it really wants to protect your system from harm. Continue reading


WordPress Down

Hi! So I thought it was only me who couldn’t use WordPress properly for the last few days, but judging from my traffic, April 9th and April 10th were absolutely still in terms of user traffic. It’s like the website was dead! And now I open BBC and what do I see? Apparently, WordPress was targeted by hackers, with a large botnet attacking all the accounts with “admin” username. The botnet tries out thousands of passwords until it gets into the account and Boom!wordpress

I’d say it’s a pretty nasty deal, considering that WordPress powers around 17% of the world’s websites. As a result, if hackers target WordPress, then it means it can take down a huge number of websites and blogs, like mine or yours! And the worst thing is that some of those blogs receive a huge traffic every single day. Imagine, what happens when you can no longer access your favorite website? Rather gloomy picture, isn’t it? Continue reading