Stretchy battery whee~!

With new stretchable electronics on the rise, the problem was – how to power them. I mean, if you have a device that stretches, you need a power source that would be able to stretch as well. But it also has to contain energy, so the stretching has to come without any energy loss. Researchers have now revealed a flat battery that castretchy-batteryn stretch 300% without any loss in performance. What is more, the study related to these stretchable batteries shows that they can be recharged wireless. Which should not come as a surprise, because wireless power development has been rather rapid lately.

Sadly, I suck at physics (paid no attention to it in high school), so I don’t really get all the technical details about this new stretchy battery, but it is more than obvious that once this battery emerges into commercial production line, it will push forward a number of flexible electronics. There is a whole range of flexible devices that has been envisioned by developers, for example, implantable health monitors and roll-up displays (now wouldn’t THAT be neat?).

However, it seems that we still will have to wait a little bit more until we will have new electronics powered by these batteries manufactured for consumers. According to the researchers, the battery lifetime has to be improved before it heads for commercialization. Either way, let’s way and see, because this one seems like it’s going to be fun one.


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