Apple, watch out! Google’s right behind the corner!

Do you know which company was the one to put the word “app” forward? Well, it’s rather obvious that it was Apple to spark the mobile software boom. However, based on the latest reports, Apple can feel Google’s breath right behind its back, as Google’s app sales have doubled in the last quarter of 2012. There are also firms (like Ngmoco) that began developing software for both companies, although they have originally written programs for Apple

Google apps are being pushed forward by popular smartphones that run on Android software, for example, Samsung and HTC. Also, Google makes it easier for programmers to build apps and put them up on Google Play. Consequently, users can easily find them and purchase them, making the overall Android app market highly dynamic.

However, it doesn’t mean that Apple is doing poorly. Based on company’s reports, it has more than 800,000 apps on its app store, and it adds up to more than 40 billion downloads, making more than $7 billion of revenue for the developers. And it means that Apple generates 3.5 times more the revenue for app sales compared to Google.

Nevertheless, Google is obviously closing on the gap. The market for Android is growing and one of the reasons for it is that Google doesn’t review apps before they get put onto the store (unlike Apple). I guess you could say that it puts some of the users at risk of purchasing a questionable product, but take a look at your own phone and tell, what is it? Mine is running on Android.


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