Twitter under attack

More than 250,000 users on Twitter became victims of the most recent hacker stunt – their passwords, usernames, emails and other data have been stolen, says Twitter security director Bob Lord. Where you one of those users? They say that evtwitter dangereryone who got affected received official emails informing them about the theft, and to be honest, I was lucky enough to avoid being hacked.

Actually, the changes of having been hacked weren’t that high – there are more than 200 million Twitter users worldwide, and “only” 250,000 of them got hacked. According to Mr Lord, this hack wasn’t “the work of amateurs” and the overall style of the attack was similar to the ones that the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal have suffered recently. Admittedly, both of the newspapers reported having been attacked by hackers based in China.

What is more, with throngs of emails being sent to users in order to inform them about the security breach, tons of FAKE emails are being sent as well. Hackers hope to make users believe their accounts have been attacked. Then they are asked to click on a link that is supposed to send them to their Twitter account page, but that is a genuine example of a phishing email, and clicking on these links can compromise your security even further.

Rather than clicking on a link that is embedded in an email message, if you wish you change your password, open your Twitter directly and access your account settings through there. Changing your password from time to time is a good way to keep your account safe, and even though it cannot protect your from a sophisticated hacker attack, you know, better safe than sorry.


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