Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus

Whoah, you might think, why is this person writing about Canada all of a sudden? Well, for one, Canada is beautiful country, and second of all, Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus might be intended for Canadian users, but it doesn’t mean you can’t get infected with it too. You see, the thing is that this computer infection is pretty much the same as ICSPA Virus, the one I wrote about a few days ago. So what does it imply? It implies that although Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus primarily hits people in Canada, there are many other versions of the same infection, tailored for almost every country in the world.RCMP

So basically, whether people get infected with Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus, FBI. Cybercrime Division Virus, New Zealand Police Virus or Australian Federal Police Virus – wherever you are, you get infected with Ukash Virus ransomware. This group of computer threats is notorious enough they get news articles posted on respectable websites. I guess there is not need to tell you about the basic idea behind these infection, but just in case you’ve forgotten let me refresh your memory: Royal Canadian Mounted Police Virus blocks desktop access. Continue reading


Stretchy battery whee~!

With new stretchable electronics on the rise, the problem was – how to power them. I mean, if you have a device that stretches, you need a power source that would be able to stretch as well. But it also has to contain energy, so the stretching has to come without any energy loss. Researchers have now revealed a flat battery that castretchy-batteryn stretch 300% without any loss in performance. What is more, the study related to these stretchable batteries shows that they can be recharged wireless. Which should not come as a surprise, because wireless power development has been rather rapid lately.

Sadly, I suck at physics (paid no attention to it in high school), so I don’t really get all the technical details about this new stretchy battery, but it is more than obvious that once this battery emerges into commercial production line, it will push forward a number of flexible electronics. There is a whole range of flexible devices that has been envisioned by developers, for example, implantable health monitors and roll-up displays (now wouldn’t THAT be neat?).

However, it seems that we still will have to wait a little bit more until we will have new electronics powered by these batteries manufactured for consumers. According to the researchers, the battery lifetime has to be improved before it heads for commercialization. Either way, let’s way and see, because this one seems like it’s going to be fun one.


W00t! The first batch of Ukash Viruses for 2013 is here! Now aren’t they lovely?^^ Actually, absolutely not. And here I thought that perhaps ransomware infections would dwindle out of existence with the news that Spanish police arrested ransomware gang, icspabut of course not. Now we have things like ICSPA Virus ruining our mood, and the problem is that it’s the same old threat, with a new face, meaning – ABSOLUTELY ANNOYING.

So what do we know about ICSPA Virus? Well, we are sure of the fact that this ransomware infection is distributed by Urausy Trojan. Also, it’s not exactly the infection name, as much as an alias, because there are several new Ukash infections that have the International Cyber Security Protection Alliance logo plastered on their interfaces, and so it makes poor users think that (ack!) they are busted because their computers are locked by some huge international cyber security organization. Here’s a news flash for you – the original ICSPA has NOTHING to do with the infection. You have been FOOLED. Continue reading

Samsung Galaxy S4 in March

Come again? Yep, I had to do a double take, when I saw my friend tweet this last night. I was like: wait what? Galaxy S3 was just released last year!! Oh… It’s “last” year already. Well, anyways, the news has it that Samsung Mobile released rumors for Samsung Galaxy S4 already. According to reports, the new smartphone wgal4ill be announced on March 14th at an event in the New York City. Are you all up to it? I wonder what other new bizarre functions and abilities Samsung could’ve come up with for its new phone.

Quite obviously, the release of Galaxy S4 will put other phone makers on their toes. Although iPhone 5 will always have a bunch of loyal customers, I bet that a group of people who still have been deliberating whether they should get iPhone 5 or not, will now wait to see what Galaxy S4 has to offer them. Actually, my first thought was: will Gal 4 be able to cook, or what? Because, you know, it feels like this phone has been announce out of the blue. Continue reading

MIXI.DJ Toolbar

I sometimes wonder. Are really toolbars that useful? I don’t even use that additional search bar I have on my Firefox browser, let alone utilize any toolbar, even though I spend more than half of my day on the Internet. So, I still find it odd how people download and install things like MIXI.DJ Toolbar. Sure, I mean, there’s nothing wrong with it, and you can easily get a hold of the toolbar at The official stance is that the toolbar is supposed to “improve your Internet browsing experience”. The be more precise – MIXI.DJ Toolbar is out to provide a direct access to your favorite YouTube videos and media players related to them. To tailor video search to your liking, the toolbar has to employ cookies to collect various information about your browsing habits.mixi dj

To be honest, I have enough cookies on my browsers already, to keep up with the number of passwords and logins I have (yeah, I know, it’s not that secure), but having yet another toolbar for something I seldom do? I don’t know about it. I mean, MIXI.DJ Toolbar is published by Conduit Ltd. and this program has already created a bunch of other browser extensions like 2YourFace, Widgi Toolbar and it’s even related to Incredibar! Now how do I know that? Well, that’s because when you install the default version of MIXI.DJ Toolbar, your home page is changed to Plain obvious, isn’t it? Continue reading

Apple, watch out! Google’s right behind the corner!

Do you know which company was the one to put the word “app” forward? Well, it’s rather obvious that it was Apple to spark the mobile software boom. However, based on the latest reports, Apple can feel Google’s breath right behind its back, as Google’s app sales have doubled in the last quarter of 2012. There are also firms (like Ngmoco) that began developing software for both companies, although they have originally written programs for Apple

Google apps are being pushed forward by popular smartphones that run on Android software, for example, Samsung and HTC. Also, Google makes it easier for programmers to build apps and put them up on Google Play. Consequently, users can easily find them and purchase them, making the overall Android app market highly dynamic. Continue reading

Disk Antivirus Professional

I know one thing for sure – I ever wanted a professional computer protection, I sure wouldn’t choose Disk Antivirus Professional. This is the first fake antivirus program from Braviax family to hit computers in 2013. Back in 2012 we have seen quite enough of those washed-out pink interfaces with Live Security Platinum and System Progressive Protection terrorizing everyone they could put their nasty hands on. So, as you can already tell, Disk Antivirus Professional is a new version of the fake AVs that infected countless computers last year. And you know, even if you did happen to get infected with it, try your best to avoid getting ripped off, because that’s the reason why Disk Antivirus Professional is there.SCR_Disk_Antivirus_Professional_9

As you might know already, a fake antivirus program does not need your permission to get installed onto your computer. So it’s not surprising that Disk Antivirus Professional does not prompt you about the ongoing installation at all. It also performs specific changes in the Registry that allows it to auto-start whenever you turn on your computer. So, once your operating system boots up, Disk Antivirus Professional springs into action and starts performing a fake system scan. During the scan, it “finds” such infections as: Continue reading