Microsoft and Skype privacy reports

I sometimes still find it hard to believe that Skype is owned by Microsoft, but here we are, and I am constantly reminded of it, whenever I try to log in to my MSN account and it screeches back “CHANGE TO SKYPE MSN WILL BE GONE SOON!”. In my personal opinion, it is SAD, because I will definitely miss my custom emoticons. But if we look forward, we see that Microsoft is already pressured about the way it manages Skype. This time, a number of campaign groups is requesting Microsoft to reveal various details about how it stores confidential information. Considering that Google and Twitter had provided such transparency reports already, it’s only natural that Microsoft does that as well, right?built-in-androidIf you are wondering whether Microsoft can access the video or audio data of your Skype conversations, then, according to the company, Skype-to-Skype calls are not directed through its data centers, and they are also encrypted. So, if someone else taps into your conversation, it would not be possible make sense of the data. Nevertheless, things change when you are using the group chat function, then the data go through Microsoft’s servers, so that it would be possible to “aggregate the media streams”.

Aside from the official Microsoft policies, it also depends on which country you reside in, and what the governmental policies towards Skype are. They might want to access Skype data, and let Microsoft know about it. So, naturally, the more we know of where our Skype conversations go to, the better.


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