Security Defender

Lately, as far as computer security is concerned, I was mostly discussing toolbars, because there’s been an increase in user queries, searching for the ways to remove them. However, after a long while, I’d like to focus on a fake antivirus program. Security Defender is a rogue antispyware program (fake AV) that belongs to Braviax group of fake antivirus applications. It has the same roots as PC Defender Plus that I’ve talked about back in November. It means that just like any other rogue, Security Defender pretends it’s a goody-2-shoes applications to convince the infected user that the program in question is legitimate and it can protect you from harm, IF you pay for the license.SCR_Security_Defender_8

Security Defender sells its lifetime license for $89.95 (that’s with a discount!). And supposedly, the moment you active this program, your computer will be protected from all the dangerous infections you can think of. You see, when Security Defender gets into your system, it generates a list of infection symptoms, making it seem as though are you infected with Trojans, worms, viruses and so on. Here’s an example, of one fake security alert displayed by the rogue:


Unknown program is scanning your system registry right now! Identity the theft detected!

I suppose that poor grammar in this notification should be enough to convince you that Security Defender is nothing but a scam. But unfortunately, there are a lot of users who fall for this, believing that the Security Defender scan results are real. Needless to say, that if you reveal your credit card information to the creators of this rogue, your bank account will be hacked and you will lose your money.

So, what to do? Simple, you need to register Security Defender with the following code:


Simply click the Activate Now button and enter this code together with a random email address. Once you active the fake AV, it will stop displaying fake notifications, and although it does not remove the program, it helps to keep it under the curb for a while, until you remove it for good. So, before Security Defender comes back to strike you again, access the Internet and get yourself a reliable antimalware tool, to perform an automatic malware removal. Sure, you can try removing Security Defender on your own as well, but, to be honest, that’s a really tedious task. It’d be better to leave for the experts, just sit back, and wait until the program does the job for you.


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