Extra slim tablet from Sony

Sony boasts it has created the thinnest tablet to date. Xperia Z is 6.9 mm thick so it makes it SLIGHTLY thinnier than iPad Mini, although it has a bigger screen. As far as I gather on a news article here, not all details are clear on the worldwide release date yet, but Sony has already set the date for Xperia Z’s release in Japan.sony-xperia-tablet-z

Being slim is not the only thing that Xperia Z boasts of. According to Sony, this tablet is also the lightest of its kind, considering its size. The official reports claims that it weighs 495 g, which is an average weight of 2 oranges. Aside from that, it introduces plastic covers that are supposed to make it water and dust-resistant. You know, so that no foreign substance would get into its ports.

Ready for more additional features? Xperia Z tablet can work together with Xperia Z smartphone via “one-touch sharing” facility.

Analysts say that the success of Xperia Z tablet will depend on its price. The thing is that most of the tablet manufacturers are moving to smaller screens, because it cuts down the price of their products. Also, it would be a bonus if Sony did incorporate some of its music and gaming division contents into this new product.

To be honest, I’m not much of a tablet user, but if I was given one of those, well, why not!


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