eBay going up

Do you use eBay? I sure do. I always find there offers that are cheaper than in other online stores, while their shipping and delivery methods are just the same, so why bother? eBay it is! It seems that a big part of online shoppers share the same opinion, because during the last three months eBay sales rose 18% to $3.99bn. Naturally, you can say that there’s nothing surprising about that, considering that we’ve had December there, and it was the height of the Christmas season.ebay

However, according to eBay chief executive John Donahoe, Christmas fever was not the only reason behind such a sharp increase in sales. “Mobile continues to rewrite the commerce playbook,” says Mr Donahoe, confirming that the increasing smartphone growth also reflects in the overall online shopping sales. It makes shopping easier and more accessible.

As far as the biggest division growth is concerned, there emerges the Paypal payment division that has generated the biggest growth according to eBay. Compared to the last year data, the overall payments via Paypal have increased 24%. I also use Paypal to send payments for my eBay purchases and most of the time I find it a lot more convenient than using a credit card (that is, of course, if I have some money left in my account ;)).

It’s also interesting to see how the growing smartphone market is influencing the increase in eBay sells. I wonder what kind of number we will see at the end of the first quarter of 2013.


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