New Facebook search feature

Ask anyone, and they will tell that Facebook’s search is very far from the search engines that were are used to, but now Facebook is set to incorporate Microsoft’s Bing search engine to launch a new search feature called graph search. According to the founder of Facebook and chief executive Mark Zuckerberg stated that the new smart search by no means can be classified as web search, and so it does not pose a direct challenge to Google. The graph search allows to use “natural” search terms and phrases such as, for example “friends who like Start Trek and the Lord of the Rings”.facebook-is-building-a-search-engine-report--f94f9e2d50

“Graph” in graph search stands for the collective pool of information that is shared between friends on Facebook. This is exactly the part of the site that is going to be indexed. Facebook does not have an intention to index the web (or so they say), they simply want to make something of the huge database that they have, especially as the Facebook search has been criticized multiple times for being ineffective and limited. Also, the new search system still has reigns of its own – the users can search and find only that information that has been shared.

Not everyone is overtly excited about the new search. Mark Little, principal analyst at research firm Ovum, said that perhaps people were waiting for something more strategic. However, according to Mr. Little this feature will help to connect individuals with companies and other pages, thus increasing the reach of advertisers. Although the tool is not available as of yet, Mr Zuckerberg said that the search would be launched soon as a beta test, and then it would continue to be developed “very slowly”.

We still have to see whether the graph search works properly, but it definitely shows that we will be able to connect even more with other individuals online. To be honest, it somewhat scares me.


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