One ticket to the Moon please

What would you say if you could take a weekend trip to the Moon and back? Well, if you’re stinking rich that opportunity might present to your in the near future, because Moon tourism is no longer a subject of science fiction – a company called Excalibur Almaz has expressed its hopes to send people to the lunar orbit for money as early as 2015. They are seriously planning on doing it, since the company has bought four Russimoon-travelan space capsules and two space stations. It might sound very ambitious, but there’s a high possibility that Russia’s Soyuz and Virgin Galactic will take paying tourists to space as soon as 2013 (which is, like, NOW).

Virgin Galactic is planning to fly up its passengers up to 99 miles which is the very boundary of space. One ticket would cost around $203,000 and space expert Graham Southorn is 100% that the Virgin Galactic flights are happening. They might be late just to make sure that everything is safe, but he says “I’m sure it will happen.”

As far as Russia’s Soyuz is concerned, they have a long history of space flights, and there have a record of sending tourists to space since 2001. They can fly tourists right to the International Space Station for $36 mln per person. It is of no surprise that Soyuz is alsso planning a lunar trip.

The bottom line is that Excalibur Almaz isn’t the only company that is look up high for new market opportunities. As long as you have decent rocket and tons of cash, why not?


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