Claro Search Malware. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

I wrote about Claro Search Malware a few months back, and it seems kind of redundant to repeat myself, but what can I do that I see people posting questions on various boards in different languages asking how to remove Claro Search Malware. I don’t want to repeat myself hundreds of times, but the thing is that it is important NOT to confuse Claro Search Malware with Claro Search engine which is a legitimate internet search provider. However, if you install the intrusive version of Claro Search toolbar your Internet browser settings will be changed, and you will see that your home page is changed to Hijacking

Actually, the truth is that, all of your search settings will be redirected via You might not notice it, because the redirection takes only a second, but the fact remains that Claro Search Malware is a potentially unwanted application, that security experts recommend to remove from your computer.

Of course Claro Search Toolbar and other browser add-ons are not malicious infections on their own. However, you can never know what kind of third party website or application might make use of Claro Search to redirect you to their malware infected websites. Then you would definitely be exposed to serious infection, and cyber criminals would target even your money, since there are a lot of screen-lockers and fake antivirus programs out there, that want nothing but financial gain.

Therefore, if you see that Claro Search Malware is interfering with your Internet browsing, or if you see a lot of pop-up advertisements being directed your way, don’t want any longer and get rid of the source of the problems – Claro Search Malware. Refer to security websites for removal instructions if the usual uninstall process via Control Panel does not work.


2 thoughts on “Claro Search Malware. Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

  1. When I look at the stats of my blog, I see that some days is listed as a refferer. I have no other problems, so this is completely normal and does not mean that I am infected? Thanks for the help :).

    • Nope, it just means that other people are being referred to your blog via But if you have doubts, you can always scan your system with your antivirus program.

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