Babylon Search Toolbar

Sometimes you find yourself with things that aren’t exactly bad, but your life would definitely be easier without them. I attribute the same feature to Babylon Searcbabylon-searchh Toolbar. To be honest, I used to be a frequent user of Babylon translation service, until I got sick of their ads and decided to remove Babylon Search Toolbar from my computer. Not that this toolbar is responsible for random pop-up advertisements, I just really get annoyed by adds displayed right NEXT to it (I can stand them on my browser), so I went and deleted Babylon Search Toolbar from my computer.

However, after a while I’ve noticed that there were quite a few articles on this toolbar online, with people complaining that they could not get rid of Babylon Toolbar, and that it appeared “out of nowhere”. Well, newsflash for you here, Babylon Search Toolbar does not appear out of nowhere, you have to install it yourself. If you say that you haven’t, then you probably did not read the installation wizard carefully, because Babylon usually informs you about the fact that the toolbar is about to be installed.

Sure, you could say that Babylon Toolbar is a browser hijacker because of its intrusive nature, but if you uninstall it via your Control Panel, and the toolbar is still there, it is very likely that it has been hijacked by a third party, and now it is used to collect your personal data and send it over to cyber criminals. So then, yes. Babylon Search Toolbar can be dangerous to your system.

Naturally, when a toolbar is hijacked, you have to delete Babylon Search Toolbar with a powerful security program. I’d also recommend to perform a full system with a security tool that actually categorizes toolbars as potentially unwanted programs. Who knows what other undesirable files you might have there.


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