I believe you commonly encounter browser extensions and plug-ins that are supposed to make your life easier. CouponDropDown is there to make your online shopping experience absolutely splendid. The negative aspect of using such browser plug-ins is that you can never know who or when it is going to be exploited. Therefore, you will find a lot of security websites out there, saying that you should remove CouponDropDown if you want to avoid serious trouble.coupondrop

To be absolutely fair, CouponDropDown is not a dangerous infection or anything like that. It is an adware program that once installed can tell you the number of coupons available for each online shopping website you visit. CouponDropDown can be installed on all major Internet browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The official website for CouponDropDown also provides Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and Uninstall sections if users wish to uninstall the plug-in.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is impossible to remove CouponDropDown on your own, and that happens when CouponDropDown is exploited by a third party or a hacker. The problem is that such plug-ins have a lot of security holes that could be misused by cyber criminals to collect your personal data, or flood you with commercial advertisements that have nothing to do with CouponDropDown itself. Therefore, it is of no surprise that users who click on any of the pop-up ads delivered by a third party do end up landing on suspicious websites. What is more, these websites could be hosting installation files for Trojans, worms and other malware.

Hence, it is important that you remove CouponDropDown if you notice that you are being constantly redirected to unfamiliar websites. It is the first sign that your plug-in is being exploited by a third party. Also, an exploited plug-in most often cannot be removed following the official removal instructions. Then you are advised to acquire a powerful antimalware scanner than can detect and remove CouponDropDown along with other malware.

Keep in mind that if you cannot remove CouponDropDown manually, it is most probably because there are Trojans or worms in your system already, that make use of the plug-in to accomplish their evil deeds.


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