Personal Protector 2013

There’s not much to tell about Personal Protector 2013. We’ve seen infections like that before and know exactly well what we can expect of them. As you can already tell from a cheesy title, Personal Protector 2013 is a fake antivirus program that looks and behaves like a legitimate computer security application. You must remove Personal Protector 2013 immediately. If you have read my previous posts on rogue antispyware, you probably know already that the main goal of Personal Protector 2013 is money. It’s common among fake rogue antivirus applications. They enter computers in order to get into your bank accounts.

So how does Personal Protector 2013 get into your computer? Well, fake AVs have tons of ways to infect you. It might sound terrible, but its true. Even such social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter become instrumental in rogue distribution if user accounts get hacked and they send out spam messages with embedded outgoing links. Another way for Personal Protector 2013 to get into your computer is to utilize spam email messages or fake online malware scanners. Either way, one negligent click is all it takes to get infected with Personal Protector 2013 and then you will definitely know what it feels like to have a rogue on your computer.

So what does Personal Protector 2013 do exactly? Rather simple:

1) fake system scan;

2) fake security notifications.

These two attack methods are common to all rogue programs and they are devised to make you think that oh-my-gosh your computer is infected with malware and you need to purchase Personal Protector 2013’s license to remove it all right now. Well, isn’t that a pretty fairy tale or what? We all know that Personal Protector 2013 wants your money, so buying the license is a very BAD idea. Especially when we know that it’s a fake program, right?

So what you’ve gotta do? Simple, you can refer to a list of manual instructions available on computer security websites. OR, you can download a reliable antimalware program and remove Personal Protector 2013 automatically. Everything’s up to do. Just make sure the rogue is gone from your system for good.


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