Claro Search Malware

A few years ago I’ve seen people complaining about fake antivirus programs. 2012 seems to be all about ransomware and browser hijackers. Why so? Because they don’t need your credit card info and they still are able to get away with what they’ve done. Claro Search Malware is one of these suspicious programs that ought to be removed from your system at once. Do not mistake Claro Search malware with search engine, because the homepage for this browser add-on is completely different.

If you click the More Info link on page you will be redirected to a page that tells you how to remove Claro search toolbar, and what computer malware would tell you how to remove it? Therefore, it is important to differentiate between Claro Search and Claro Search Malware. When you are infected with Claro Search Malware your homepage is changed to This browser add-on is related to Babylon merchandise that is infamous on its own.

No matter which browser is set as your main one, all will be affected by Claro Search Malware – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and so on. And even though Claro LTD toolbar is listed in the programs list in Control Panel, you will see it is impossible to remove it just like that. Hence, here’s another proof that Claro Search Malware is an annoying application that is not worth your time.

You can refer to security websites that post a number of manual removal instructions if you want to remove Claro Search Malware, but if I were you, I’d resort to using a computer security tool. Automatic removal is a lot easier to perform and consider this – computer security tool can restore your default browser settings meaning you no longer need to restore them by hand. Either way, it’s up to you how to terminate Claro Search Malware, just get rid of it at once!


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