PC Defender Plus – BIG MINUS

Fake antivirus programs is something I get really frustrated with, because they appear every single day! Right now I’m channeling all my frustrations at PC Defender Plus, because it manages to infect a lot of computers. The most frustrating thing is that a particular number of users does nothing to remove PC Defender Plus! And you know why? Because they think it’s an actual antivirus program that can protect their computers from multiple viruses. But they can not be more wrong than that.

I think it goes without saying that fake av (commonly known as rogue) programs are dangerous computer infections, so I cannot fathom how some users end up paying for the full version of PC Defender Plus. Naturally, sometimes even if you know that this program is evil, you still pay in hopes that everything will be back to normal. And it does. But only for a time being. Consider this – when you pay for the license, PC Defender Plus remains in your system, and the infection symptoms disappear only for a time being. Sooner or later the fake security notifications and random pop-up messages will be back.

But I’ve paid already! You would say. Bingo. You’ve paid already, and it means that PC Defender Plus has your credit card information. It can be given away to a third party and it is only a question of time when cyber criminals will access your bank account to steal your money. THAT is the main reason why PC Defender Plus should not be trusted, and why you cannot purchase the full version of the program.

Other than that, PC Defender Plus obviously is the culprit behind the deteriorating system performance and slow Internet connection. It is an average fake antivirus program, but that does not mean it is less dangerous. Users are commonly recommended to download a powerful security tool and terminate PC Defender Plus automatically, because then their systems would be scanned for other infections as well. Do not forget that having a rogue also means that your system is possibly infected with a whole lot of Trojans and other malware.

And for the love of God, DO NOT PAY!


2 thoughts on “PC Defender Plus – BIG MINUS

  1. OK, But isn’t that something like fraud? I mean if the company is clearly doing this shouldn,t the search engines eliminate it all together? My computer was infected by pc defender and I couldn,t go anywhere. If I had the money I would track down the people behind it and kill them and I really mean that!

    • Definitely, it is a fraud, but the company behind PC Defender Plus is not a legal one. Naturally, search engines are doing everything to keep their search safe, but even if they do track down the distribution network, and cut it off, hackers find other ways to spread PC Defender Plus. From the user’s point of view, I guess, you have to be careful on where you’re going and what you click on. I mean, suspicious ads, or links are quite easy to distinguish, as long as you’re not that gullible.

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