Facebook pimps Instagram for Web

Do you have Instagram? I suck at taking photos, so I don’t, but I often see my friends sharing photos with it over Twitter or Facebook. And since Facebook has acquired Instagram, the photo-sharing application has been extended from mobile platforms to the web. It means that instead of uploading your pictures only via your mobile devices, you will be able to do so via your PC as well. Since Instagram has been purchased by Facebook and this new feature is introduced by the social network website, it is quite obvious why Instagram’s web-based profiles look very much like Facebook pages.

However, the users will not be able to upload pictures from the web for a time being, because Instagram’s focus is on producing photos from mobile devices. According to Facebook, until all new features start working, the users will be able to vie and download images from the service on the web. Once everything is set, the Instagram service should be available for a lot more users than before. Automatically, the Facebook environment will become more appealing to marketers. Which translates as “advertising money”.

Although this new shift seems like a good idea, other people express concerns over privacy. Facebook says that the users can control who has the access to their photos, but according to Big Brother Watch, a service that is web-based is a lot more open that a mobile service, and it makes easier to collect information about people using it. Clearly, Facebook will have to address these issues in the near future.


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