Personal Protector 2013

There’s not much to tell about Personal Protector 2013. We’ve seen infections like that before and know exactly well what we can expect of them. As you can already tell from a cheesy title, Personal Protector 2013 is a fake antivirus program that looks and behaves like a legitimate computer security application. You must remove Personal Protector 2013 immediately. If you have read my previous posts on rogue antispyware, you probably know already that the main goal of Personal Protector 2013 is money. It’s common among fake rogue antivirus applications. They enter computers in order to get into your bank accounts.

So how does Personal Protector 2013 get into your computer? Well, fake AVs have tons of ways to infect you. It might sound terrible, but its true. Even such social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter become instrumental in rogue distribution if user accounts get hacked and they send out spam messages with embedded outgoing links. Another way for Personal Protector 2013 to get into your computer is to utilize spam email messages or fake online malware scanners. Either way, one negligent click is all it takes to get infected with Personal Protector 2013 and then you will definitely know what it feels like to have a rogue on your computer. Continue reading


Rough start for Windows 8

When I first saw the preview for Windows 8, I admit, my reaction was: What.In.The.World…? But then again, I know I am a person who does not like sudden changes, and Windows 8 comes with an interface that looks confusing. I thought that perhaps it is just me, and you know, we can get used to it over time. Now when I check the technology news, I see that various analysts also are not too hopeful about Windows 8 prospects.

The culprit behind such evaluations is actually the thing that “caught” my eyes as well, so to speak. Confusing interface is being cited as the main reason why Windows 8 could influence a tepid PC growth. According to computer analysts, when a new operating system is released, if it is successful, the release is followed by a relative growth of computers personal households and especially business enterprises. However, checking the patterns Windows 8 usage after its release, analysts present numbers that are a lot smaller compared the number of people who ran Windows 7 right after its debut.

The PC demand might also not be increasing, because the Enterprise is not interested in Windows 8. Also, iPads and tablets are said to continue substituting PCs. Therefore, only time will show whether Windows 8 will be a successful operating system, or it will be surpassed by the next Microsoft’s release. Let’s hope it won’t follow the steps of Windows Vista.

Claro Search Malware

A few years ago I’ve seen people complaining about fake antivirus programs. 2012 seems to be all about ransomware and browser hijackers. Why so? Because they don’t need your credit card info and they still are able to get away with what they’ve done. Claro Search Malware is one of these suspicious programs that ought to be removed from your system at once. Do not mistake Claro Search malware with search engine, because the homepage for this browser add-on is completely different.

If you click the More Info link on page you will be redirected to a page that tells you how to remove Claro search toolbar, and what computer malware would tell you how to remove it? Therefore, it is important to differentiate between Claro Search and Claro Search Malware. When you are infected with Claro Search Malware your homepage is changed to This browser add-on is related to Babylon merchandise that is infamous on its own. Continue reading

Facebook + Yahoo! = ?

Do you use Yahoo! often? To be honest, the last time I was a Yahoo! addict was back in 2003, which was… 9 years ago? Either way, Yahoo! is still a very important player in the field, and it seems like it’s going to drive a wedge into its relationship with Microsoft, because Facebook and Yahoo! have been reported to be in the middle of talks on how the “two companies can work more closely together“.

Actually, Yahoo! and Facebook already overlap in various matters. For example, Yahoo! news is shared on Facebook, and the current talks are expected to give desirable results in forging a collaboration on web-based search. Both companies have things to gain from this collaboration. For one, Facebook could use a search engine that would allow its users to navigate the site better, especially as Facebook has the resources that can offer answers to most of the questions people might have. Facebook has more than 1 billion users and this massive amount of account would benefit Yahoo! as well, considering that recently it’s been dwarfed by Google.

This possible alliance could cause a shift in the hierarchy of the “world’s biggest technology companies”. What is more, it may signify the rift in a 10-year deal between Yahoo! and Microsoft, that undermined a condition that Yahoo! search results would be powered by Bing, but the idea didn’t prove to be successful. With the new alliance just around the corner, we will see what it brings to an average computer user pretty soon.

PC Defender Plus – BIG MINUS

Fake antivirus programs is something I get really frustrated with, because they appear every single day! Right now I’m channeling all my frustrations at PC Defender Plus, because it manages to infect a lot of computers. The most frustrating thing is that a particular number of users does nothing to remove PC Defender Plus! And you know why? Because they think it’s an actual antivirus program that can protect their computers from multiple viruses. But they can not be more wrong than that.

I think it goes without saying that fake av (commonly known as rogue) programs are dangerous computer infections, so I cannot fathom how some users end up paying for the full version of PC Defender Plus. Naturally, sometimes even if you know that this program is evil, you still pay in hopes that everything will be back to normal. And it does. But only for a time being. Consider this – when you pay for the license, PC Defender Plus remains in your system, and the infection symptoms disappear only for a time being. Sooner or later the fake security notifications and random pop-up messages will be back. Continue reading

Facebook pimps Instagram for Web

Do you have Instagram? I suck at taking photos, so I don’t, but I often see my friends sharing photos with it over Twitter or Facebook. And since Facebook has acquired Instagram, the photo-sharing application has been extended from mobile platforms to the web. It means that instead of uploading your pictures only via your mobile devices, you will be able to do so via your PC as well. Since Instagram has been purchased by Facebook and this new feature is introduced by the social network website, it is quite obvious why Instagram’s web-based profiles look very much like Facebook pages.

However, the users will not be able to upload pictures from the web for a time being, because Instagram’s focus is on producing photos from mobile devices. According to Facebook, until all new features start working, the users will be able to vie and download images from the service on the web. Once everything is set, the Instagram service should be available for a lot more users than before. Automatically, the Facebook environment will become more appealing to marketers. Which translates as “advertising money”. Continue reading