Microsoft goes HARD

Although we are used to Microsoft that produces mainly software applications, the company has officially announced its plane to venture into hardware production as well. This decision coincides with the oncoming launch of Windows 8. Right after the new operating system will be released, Microsoft’s new tablet Surface tablet will go on sale as well. Although a new device on the market should excite the potential customers, it is said that some of the Microsoft partners are worried.

Such hardware manufactures as Acer have expressed that Surface tablet would have “a huge negative impact for the [PC] ecosystem and other brands”. Naturally, Acer sees its as Microsoft’s try to get back it’s share in the market, because before the advance of smartphones Microsoft powered around 95% of personal computing devices, but smartphones and their operating systems shrank that share to 30%.

However, unlike Acer, Dell sounds a lot more optimistic. A representative from Dell claimed that the announcement of Surface tablet was logical and it proved that the Windows 8 concept was real and believable. Also, it gave an insight to the customers of what to expect, and “created a buzz out there”, pushing the application development further.

Analysts say that Microsoft’s decision to venture even further into the hardware manufacturing has its pros and cons. According to Frank Fillet at Forrester Research consultants, those consumers that want “a Windows tablet, touch laptop, or a touch all-in-one PC” will be the first in line to get their hands on Surface. However, since Surface comes with a new interface, some users will probably not want to learn how to use it and choose other alternatives (like Apple’s Mac).

Windows 8 should become publicly available tomorrow, and we will see whether the Surface will cause a stir in the tablet market. Either way, it is obvious that the current understanding of computing is changing rapidly fast, and I’m definitely looking forward for tomorrow.


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