XP Defender 2013

See that lady on the right? I bet you’ll be feeling just like her if you get infected with XP Defender 2013. Just yesterday I’ve mentioned it in my short rant about Win 7 Defender 2013, but just so you know, there’s also another version of this rogue called Vista Defender 2013. So what does XP Defender 2013 differ from the other two? NOTHING. Except for its name. The rest is practically the same, even with the same fake security notifications and fake scan results.

So naturally, XP Defender 2013 is present on a computer that runs on Windows XP operating system. And it tries to convince the poor infected user that his system is on the verge of breaking down because of a mass of viruses. You see, XP Defender 2013 behaves like a legitimate antivirus program and it wants the user to believe that it can take care of all security problems.


Things like XP Defender 2013 will never ever be able to remove viruses or other malware from the computer, because it is a dangerous computer threat itself, and it only wants your money. I do sound like I’m trying to scare you, but I’m simply telling truth because I’m sick and tired seeing people getting infected with it. And XP Defender 2013 even has a nerve to send the following fake security notifications that supposedly should support its claims:

Security breach!
Beware! Spyware infection was found. Your system security is at risk. Private information may get stolen, and your PC activity may get monitored. Click for an anti-spyware scan

Virus infection!
System security was found to be compromised. Your computer is now infected. Attention, irreversible system changes may occur. Private data may get stolen. Click here now for an instant anti-virus scan

Get one thing into your head and you will be fine – DO NOT PAY for XP Defender 2013. You want to reveal your credit card number to this rogue? I don’t think so. It’s a lot better to click the registration button and enter this code: 3425-814615-3990. It locks the rogue down for a little while, and you can utilize this time to find an antimalware program that would remove XP Defender 2013 for you. Of course, you can remove it on your own if you know how, but I’d choose automatic removal if I were you, because it’s a lot faster.


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