Forever Alone? Not anymore

Facebook users in the United States will no longer have to worry about being ignored by their friends and their mom. That is, if they have some cash. Facebook now offers a paid function that shoves your posts into the Promoted posts section. Pretty neat huh? Considering you no longer need to wreck your brain, trying to figure out how to make your posts more interesting. However, I suddenly wonder whether it’s fair from the perspective of those users that will be forced to see all them promoted websites.

This new Promoted Posts section was first tried out in New Zealand. The personal promoted posts function works the same as Promoted Posts for business. Basically, if you pay Facebook to promote your post (whatever that might be – a status update, a photo or an invitation), it will be placed higher in your friends news feed disregarding the date it was posted, so your friends will notice it easier. Whether they will be annoyed by this or not, that is a totally different question.

There is also another perk with this new function – if you subscribe to Promoted Posts, you will also be able to see how many friends checked the news you’ve posted. Currently, the new service is available only for those who have less than 5000 friends and/or subscribers and it costs $7 per one post. In the future this charge could change and Facebook will definitely make a whole lot of money from this new service. There are bound to be loads of people who want more attention and have some cash to spare.

I’ve read some opinions that there are some negative marketing aspects regarding this new service, but you know, if the company wants to try out something new, why not? I just don’t want to see random status updates and garage sales ads promoted on my news feed.


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