– snap out of it!

Have you ever stumbled across website? It looks very clean and user-friendly, but oh boy you sure don’t know what hides behind it, right? This website offers a browser plug-in that is supposed to “enhance” browsing experience. However, “modify” is the word, if you asked me. Especially when we find out that it’s excruciatingly hard to remove What legitimate application would not allow a user to remove it? Very fishy.

Now, why did I say “modify” in the first place? Simple, instead of making the browsing easier and efficient, redirects user to websites that have something in common with the company behind Also, we can never be sure whether the websites the user is redirected to are absolutely safe. I wouldn’t bet on that. Especially as we can see that monitors user’s browsing habits in order to display a list of commercial advertisements. And ONCE AGAIN, we cannot guarantee that these commercial ads aren’t embedded with some suspicious links. I mean, one click on a link to a malicious websites, and won’t be the only problem you have to deal with.

Actually, is not a bad plug-in in itself, but the problem is that it’s often bundled together with other software, that might not be reliable or safe. Thus, plug-in could easily lead to other infections without the user even realizing. There’s one problem though – not all antivirus programs recognize this plug-in as potentially unwanted software. Thus, if the user is going to remove automatically, he has to choose a computer security program that does categorize it as a risky application. Then it should all be good.


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