System Progressive Protection

It’s been a long while, but here we come again with a rogue antispyware application. This time I present you System Progressive Protection. The moment I saw this boy (lady?), I knew I’ve seen it somewhere before, and guess what – Live Security Platinum and Smart Fortress 2012 both are the older versions of this infection. If these three rogues were people, they’d be cloned or shaped by the same plastic surgeon. I mean, look at those identical interfaces!

But seriously, jokes aside, System Progressive Protection is one of those rogues that has to be removed immediately, otherwise boy are you in trouble or what. Considering that Live Security Platinum can lock the user out of his computer, who can guarantee that System Progressive Protection cannot do the same? Sure it can do it, I’d bet my money on it. Plus, all the usual rogue tricks that drive computer users insane. Shall I go through each and every one of them? Alright.

Well first, there’s a fake system scan. Nothing new over there, because System Progressive Protection is utilizing an ancient rogue tactics – scare them and then rob them. Basically, System Progressive Protection presents a list of fake malware infections and then even gives descriptions of each and every single one of them. So it really looks as though the infections are real and the user has to terminate them with System Progressive Protection. The problem though, is that System Progressive Protection (just like any other rogue, by the way) says it can terminate those Trojans only if you pay for the full version of the program. And here’s the catch – System Progressive Protection only wants the user’s money so it will do all it can to convince everyone that its protection is absolutely necessary.

However, every single user out there should be smart enough to understand that System Progressive Protection is a hoax of a program that has to be removed at once. It is a lot easier to remove System Progressive Protection when it is “registered”. And that is possible to do with this code:


Although it does not delete System Progressive Protection, the registration gives you time to figure out how to get rid of it. I’ve seen users who prefer terminating rogues like System Progressive Protection on their own, but you know, automatic removal is not a bad thing too. Considering that a computer security program erases System Progressive Protection and all the user has to do is sit back and enjoy the show. But it’s your choice, really. I didn’t get infected with System Progressive Protection.


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