Initiating Warp… in 3, 2…

Excuse me if I don’t write how iPhone 5 preorders exceeded over 2 million in just a day, but I found something a lot more exciting (interesting?). Remember the awesome Warp Drive from the Star Trek series? Well, apparently, it’s not as far-fetched as we thought. Scientists say that this concept could be quite plausible if some adjustments were to be to the calculations first presented by Mexican physicist Miguel Alcubierre in 1994.

The main problem with the warp drive concept was that it would have required a lot of energy to run. Such amounts of energy would’ve been too much to produce and so the idea was put back into the drawer. However, now the scientists say that if the new calculations are to be applied to the Warp Drive, it would be possible to make it run on a lot less energy and voila, we could travel faster than light (well, in theory).

The concept of this new spaceship is rather simple – the “vehicle” itself  would be oval-shaped and there would a ring around it that would allow the ship to travel in warp speed. Now, the ring itself supposedly should be of some exotic material, because it would bend time and space around the spaceship, allowing it to travel faster than light. Scientists often claim that everything within the space is limited to the speed of light, but here would deal with space AND time, and what is more – BENDING IT. Now the space & time tandem is not limited to the speed of light.

It sounds promising although I sort of doubt it my generation would live to see it. Yet, small steps are better than no steps at all. Progress, yay!


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