Pirates caught?

I mean, music pirates. Well, not behind the bars exactly, but fine properly for illegal downloading. Or so claims the news saying that the first person has been fined under France’s new anti-piracy law. However, this case is slightly controversial, because even though Alain Prevost was fined 150 euros (~ 196 USD) for illegally downloading two Rihanna’s tracks, the person who really pirated the tracks was his wife. She admitted so in court herself. So the question is, why Alain Prevost was fined for something he hasn’t done?

Simple, apparently Mr. Prevost paid for the link that was used as the download medium for the songs. And that’s not the only one case on pirating that the French authorities are preparing. According to the agency that looks after the downloading policy in France, there are 14 more cases being prepared at the moment, as the people in question are suspected of illegally downloading movies and music.

It’s not like music pirates are sued immediately. France has a so-called “three strikes” law. It means that people suspected of pirating receive three warnings before their cases are brought to court. If they take no heed of the warnings the authorities have the right to cut off their internet connection and bring them to court.

One one hand it is surprising and also encouraging to see Internet laws against piracy being enacted so successfully. On the other hand, it is rather scary, considering how many of still download movies and songs illegally, not because there would not want to buy the product, but because we are not given the opportunity to purchase it.


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