Spy Games. O RLY?

Now please excuse me for not joining the overall Apple iPhone 5 psychosis, because I suppose we all knew it was going to be faster, slipper, shinier and longer. Before you say anything, I’m not an Apple-hater! I just choose what’s more appropriate for my wallet. Now, let’s go to our spies. Apparently, if you do some video game research, you can get arrested for spying.

At least that’s what happened to two game developers from Bohemia Interactive. They were arrested on suspicion of spying right outside a military based in Greece. While the official stance of Bohemia Interactive is that the two developers were on a vacation on the island of Limnos (where the military base is situated). The truth is that it’s not the first time for the game maker to make the authorities of Limnos mad – Bohemia Interactive has used detailed maps of the island in their games before. And considering that the island is an important part of Greece’s Military, we have to ask here, where do we have to draw the line?

For its military games Bohemia Interactive creates game worlds based on real places. Detailed recreation of Limnos was used in a game called Arma III and the island authorities were trouble by it, saying that such utilization of detailed island maps was “strategically problematic”. However, Bohemia claims that it has always abode the law, and used only publicly available information.

Nevertheless, how are we supposed to know what is publicly available, and when too much is too much? The current iPhone 10 joke clearly shows when long is too long, but who will draw the line for realistic game developing companies?


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