Haswell chips unveiled

Computer hardware is something I try to stay away from, because I’m prone to breaking things, but Intel says it’s newest Haswell processor chips will increase ultrabook battery life for up to 9 hours? Well, I’m all years. The details on new chips have been unveiled in San Francisco, and it is said that new processors equipped with Haswell chips will run at 10 watts. That cuts down the current Ivy Bridge energy consumption in half. Not only is it important for those who want their laptops to work longer without being recharged, it is also a significant improvement for those who love saving energy (and are stingy when it comes to electricity bills, i.e. moi).

Intel obviously tries to cut off an even bigger piece of the processor market pie. It is the biggest supplier of semiconductors in the world, catering to laptop and desktop computer manufacturers, but it did miss out on the fast-growing tablet computer market, because Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are based on rival processor architecture. However, it is expected that the new Haswell chips will allow Intel to gain back their advantage, because these chips can fully support Windows 8. Plus, it uses a lot less energy than its predecessors.

Aside from the energy factor, Haswell chips are also said to be better at voice recognition, depth tracking and facial analysis. This will obviously increase the interaction level with your device, and to be honest, I’d love to have a computer that eats less energy right now. But Intel says we have to way until the middle of next year for the smaller-than-nail chips to be released… Patience is virtue (or so they say).


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